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Thread: New Zealand Greyhounds

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    Default New Zealand Greyhounds

    Is it possible to change the colours of New Zealand Greyhounds to match the colours that are used in New Zealand? In New Zealand they correspond with the colours used in Australia, not the UK.

    Also, when there is a meeting, horses or greyhounds, that is from a rather rare venue (although not always), why does the Geek Toy list the meeting in the upcoming races as (in the case of Healesville Greyhounds today):

    11:01 Heal (AvB) <<<<<<<<<<<

    Why can't it just be listed as Healesville like all other venues?

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    You need to email support to tell them about tracks that have the naming issue and then hopefully they will fix it. Might be best to email a few at once rather than each time as more likely they will fix it.

    The same happens with various horse racing tracks around the world. I used to email them in but stopped as they didn't seem to be getting fixed.

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