Just started with GT and very impressed with the speed and general user friendliness. I do have a query which has been raised before.

The following thread was started back in Feb 2017. Whereby it was possible to lose a lot of money due for the unwary.


I do believe there is a glitch with the software when using the Multi-Bet tool. When using the stop entry and you configure it so that if any horse price drops to, say 1.1, it triggers a back bet at 1.1 or less, there are occasions when some of the bets are placed at 1.01 (no pending the price drop) so these bets get matched at their best price. It tends to happen to outsiders so you have matched bets at high prices with little chances of winning! Thank goodness I have only been using training mode so far, otherwise I would be £100s out of pocket. In any market it tends to pick on the same horses if you enter the bets again. It also tends to happen quite frequently with non UK and Irish races, but occasionally with these also.

I have found a work around. Before you lace the back bet, switch to lay bets, some of the bets will be placed at 1.01 and of course don't get matched. You can then choose to untick these in the selection and place the back bets at the same price. Not forgetting to cancel all lay bets. Or you could choose not to place bets on that race at all.

Anyone else noticed this?