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    Default Greyhound trading blog

    Hi all, hope this is the right place to post this. I have been trading for around a year now and have been playing about with greyhounds mostly. I struggle with inconsistency mainly. one day i can be in profit but the next i can wipe it all out and this can repeat itself many times over.

    So the thinking is if i start this blog and post the results it will focus my mind that i will be posting my results at the end of everyday.

    would anyone be interested in a blog like this? let me know your thoughts or if you have any hints or tips to give!


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    Man Greyhound markets have been insane lately! Insanity is going on in those markets! Having any success with the markets?

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    I would read it

    I've been writing a kind of 'local blog' in my journal for a long time and is definitely something I'd recommend to others.

    I've often thought much of the content could be thrown up onto a blog and noted that some of it wouldn't be of any interest to others whilst other entries would be sharing too much.

    You could give it a go using the local write-ups to primarily progress your trading, using them as drafts for anything you want to throw up on the blog.

    I've been spending a fair amount of time in the UKGH markets recently and I've noticed that the market conditions change a fair amount from day to day, if you're lucky it's week to week depending on who's in the market. That means you can't just roll out the same strategy every day without first qualifying that the market conditions are conducive to what you're trying to do.
    For example some days there are lots of genuine big orders which you can utilise and other days people are pulling them after a few seconds. Some evenings there are punters about who are dropping 20 tick bombs on things below 4.0 and other days things are relatively tame and scalpable.

    Keep at it with the main focus on keeping the risk managed in every market and place a heavy focus on continual improvement and learning every session and there's a good chance you'll get there.

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