Hi Guys,

I have my own apps for analytics from Betfair markets, so I have BF market, selection (runner), event, comptetion ids and more data...

What I want:
For me will be very helpful somehow send command from my app to Geeks toy, and it will programatically show or hide selections in opened grid view.

most of my markets were handled by my app, but sometimes when market goes wild I need to trade manually (and there is Geeks toy very strong), but that switch in my case is slow, because it takes relatively long time to hide or show selections.

I started to think about it when I read thread on this forum, where someone tried to place betfair exchange bets through Geeks toy to public thread (The Geek made it for that person in some beta release of Geek toy) if I understand well that discussion. Has anyone done anything like that? I realy appreciate any help.

Thank you