I have recently opened a Betdaq account and just having a bit of a play around yesterday and today on small stakes just testing liquidity etc. I got in a tangle on the UTD game last night as I put in my lays and on face of it they didn't take, put in again, didn't take or so I thought. Anyway got out of it as UTD scored twice, happy days.

However, I tried again tonight and same thing happened. I backed under 2.5 on the ladder at 1.66 for £2 and put my lay in on the ladder at 1.35 attaining a small profit. However this appeared not to be taken as back bets appeared below this price. However when I revert to the Betdaq website the lay bet had actually been activated but doesn't show on the ladder. Any thoughts as to how to regularise this please as if I can't trade on the ladder I may as well close the account.

I was going to attach the photo of the entries but the paltry 19kb limit didn't allow this.

Thanks Mike