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Thread: RUK and Betfair Live Stream

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    Default RUK and Betfair Live Stream

    Hi Guys,
    I use the Betfair live stream for my racing pictures.
    No problem - except size.
    I do a £5 scratch trade and I'm good to go.

    I was thinking of getting Racing UK on a separate TV, on my desk.

    I have Sky main box in the lounge plus multiscreen box in the bedroom.
    My flat is served by a communal dish and only two feeds per flat.
    My landlord won't stump up for a different dish to enable Sky Q to be received.
    I can't put RUK on my lounge TV (near my desk), as my wife is watching all her.......stuff.

    Do I run a cable from my bedroom Sky box to my desk in the lounge, use a splitter, and connect to a new TV on my desk?
    Or, if subscribed to RUK, could I not increase the size of my live stream picture, on my PC monitor?
    My block of flats has been wired by Sky and I can't change the supplier.

    How does everyone else receive RUK and what are the setups?

    Enjoy !!!

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    The issue with this is that the online feed is slower than the Sky feed. Probably best to have a word with the mrs, or use BF live feed instead for your main info, but have the online feed in the background so you can monitor it broadly - i.e. listen to the commentary or see an significant delays to scheduling.

    Not the perfect answer, but hope that helps!
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    Quote Originally Posted by wallygog View Post
    I use the Betfair live stream for my racing pictures.
    No problem - except size.
    You can use Maxthon browser if you want to increase betfair streaming size.
    There is also "Fullscreen Anything" extension for Chorme.

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