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Thread: Betfair Reported Abuses / Stolen Money From Users Accounts

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    Default Betfair Reported Abuses / Stolen Money From Users Accounts


    I've registred today in this forum to inform the whole community what Betfair is doing to steal money from users accounts.

    Two days ago I had over 4k in my account. Today I've got zero and I didn't lose any bets.

    In my account balance Betfair posted "Fix 15" and debited over 1k yesterday.

    They also debited "premium charges" over the money they debited without any reason. Just "Fix 15".

    They told me they "don't know" match, date or bets this "Fix 15" refers to.

    Today they repeated the operation and debited all the money left on my account.

    Again this "Fix 15" and no information whatsoever about the reason or any details of these debits.

    They say they "don't know" and violate the same Terms and Conditions they created themselves.

    I asked about the premium charges they debited from my account over my winnings (that they also debited) and they also told me it's their "traders" who decide and they have no information about their "reasons".

    This happened not only to me but to many other users who also reported these same abuses in other trading and betting forums

    It shows clearly that they have their own traders on the markets, placing bets without any "countdown" (all other users have to wait 5, 7 and even 12 seconds for their bets to be placed and they place their bets with zero seconds countdown) and when they lose their bets, they simply take the money from the winners accounts without any notice or reason.

    Everyday there's less liquidity on the markets, which may be also a clear sign people are quitting from trusting their money to Betfair because of all these reported criminal abuses.

    This is totally devastating and I wanted to know if this ever happened to any of you and how did you react and/or managed to recover your stolen money.

    Thanks for your help in trying to understand what in the hell is happening here.

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    I've sent you a private message.

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    Just imagine if NASDAQ or any other major stock exchange would manipulate their stock exchange markets, buying and selling stocks without any delay while everyone else had 5, 7 or even 9 seconds delays to place any order ? And if the stock markets go against them, they would cancel and reverse their orders and debit directly their losses from the winners accounts ? Their stock exchanges would be shut down in that very same day and they would face criminal charges.

    Betfair always manipulated their own markets at their own will with a team of the worst traders they could find (to save money) and since last September allowed these terrible traders to place their bets without any countdown. This can be seen in all football Match Odds markets with medium/high liquidity, especially after a goal is scored.

    The biggest problem for them is with this new video referee rules, where their bets are always the first to be placed but if the goal is disallowed, they lose their bets. So, they have given these traders the power to cancel their losses by cancelling the winners bets and debiting directly their losses on the winners accounts.

    First they used to specify date and match (at least) of these fraudulent operations carried out by their "Exchange Team Traders".

    Now they no longer even care to justify what they are already used to do daily.

    I feel really sad, because I used to praise Betfair as a fabulous concept but they're destroing themselves from the inside with all these abusive policies, super super premiums that unwelcomes winners until their accounts definitive closure, because the only winners they want is this awful "Exchange Team Traders" they got for themselves, that post "Fix 15" messages on their costumer's Account Statements and empty their balances without any further details.

    If one publishes or escalates these matters to any other authority outside Betfair, they send e-mails threatening their costumers to definitive account closure and forbidding people from ever opening another account.

    The shocking total impunity this is all done will destroy Betfair because people don't like to be roobed, won't trust them their money and the result can be seen daily with markets that used to be so live and disputed with absolutely no liquidity, sometimes with zero stakes on the markets and zero matched bets where the only stakes that can be seen are these "brilliant" traders of theirs, placing their bets with zero countdown after each goal is scored.

    This suicidal route is the saddest part. To watch a brilliant initial concept becoming a criminal organization, where markets are empty and costumers are robbed and threatened.

    I'm really sorry for the length of this text but I feel much better now that I shared this nightmare I'm living. It leaves me with the hope that more people will stand up, not to destroy Betfair, but to stop Betfair from destroying themselves and murdering their brilliant initial concept "Where Winners Are Welcome" - the biggest lie ever created only to steal honest people's money.

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    is this the truth?
    these manipulations are valid for the horse racing and tennis ?

    I'm still thinking about using betfair ?

    What do you think?

    a bad image for betfair !

    thank you

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