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Thread: Profiles will not load - Maybe a restriction in Trial Edition?

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    Default Profiles will not load - Maybe a restriction in Trial Edition?


    (I am in IT and the profiles are 100% the Settings - Betfair folder, and un-zipped)

    I just purchased the Caan Berry pre race trading modules and included are his preferred profiles.

    So when I load any of the profiles the 'Geeks Toy 1.40 - Betfair' window simply minimizes.

    Is this behavior expected?


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    Not any restriction in the trial as it is the full version. Depends on what Caans profile was when he saved it.

    Would suggest you ask him the expected behaviour, and see if he can replicate as we don't support Caans site.

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    Hi Thomas,

    The settings folders are there for installation although we can't cater for the difference in screen sizes. My monitors are 2 x 27". In some instances this means that the pre-loaded profile (when activated) does creep off the edges of the screen.

    In most cases you can change the window sizes with the tab at the bottom right of each window (e.g. the ladder). However, there have been one or two who have reported that their screen dimensions are so far off that they can't remedy this problem. Alternate options could be to;

    1. Delete/Remove the extra settings folders. (and or re-install the toy if you prefer)
    2. Create a custom profile of your own and copy over select settings sub-folders (would only advise this if you're comfortable doing that)

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