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Thread: Last shot!

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    Nothing it's worse than being caught in play on dogs on the lay side and dog wins the race. Ugly loss. I don't know if you use betfair live streaming but you should know the streaming for SIS races is 20 seconds behind. I got caught few times until I noticed that.

    WH offers free streams for greyhound races, it's faster. In some races you should be careful they offer the stream right before the off. for uk horses it's only audio stream. - this is the link. I use Hola browser and changed the country to UK or Ireland, Sweeden also, because it's not working for all the countries.

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    Hi! Just wanted to post a little update on how the month of April is going so far.
    So far trading has been going pretty good, i'm working quite a lot and am seeing some improvements and i think that i have made some progress in trading skills and the mental game! Mostly i'm trading the greyhounds, but also working on horse trading with small stakes, i might be giving away some profit that i could be making in the greyhound while trying to trade horse racing, but the only way i can get better in the horse racing is to trade them, and in the long run it will pay off! Will post an update from time to time!

    This month i traded 7 days and one day was a losing day!

    Greyhound Racing: €142.04 | Horse Racing: €10.21 Total P&L: €152.25

    Greyhound racing:

    Markets traded: 520

    Horse racing:

    Markets traded: 85

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    Week 2 Update

    Hey! Just a little update on week 2 of april!
    The results don't show it, but i feel like i am getting better and more cnsistent! Had a couple of loosing days, but i think that those losses came because i traded on days when i felt very tired and sleepy... Made a big loss on sunday, lost 54 eur in one horse race, don't know why i sometimes do some stupid things out of boredom! I really feel that i am very close to crack the UK horse racing, just have to avoid a couple of big losses that i have, If i would take the loss a bit quicker, i would have a nice profit! the way i am trading now i have to make like 40 eur to be up 10! Overall looking at my stats i am going up, slow progress is also progress!

    Greyhound Racing: €55.81 | Horse Racing: €28.00 Total P&L: €83.81

    Greyhound racing: 321 markets
    Horse racing: 187 markets

    Month profit: €236.06

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