hi guys,
I want to say thank you and goodbye to all here. especially to the geek and the other geek, but also to cran, caanberry, bazbaz, waccoe75, icredd, kotbiiajibto, morganschoice, keefter, charles49, shadowninja, nikol, pc0845, kawasaki and all the others "old" guys here.
since 2007 I traded on bf and since 2011 I traded fulltime, made 71110 pounds gross profit, paid 14363 pounds total charges. it was a very intensive and fine time and I liked it very much to know that all the others around 1-2 pm were as me at the computer to trade horse-racing. often when we met in the chatroom I felt rearly happy to trade, to talk, to make some money. everyone was helpful to everyone and it was a fine group-feeling. I remember also the numerous outages of bf and the day 12th jan 2013 when we had over 1000 users online here all angry. really nice and fine time for me.
now I have stopped trading forever and I will leave this forum as some years ago I made an investment and luckily it turned out very nice, I dont have to work any longer.
for all existing/upcoming traders here I want to remember my "most honest" post with this annotation: yes, trading is as described, all true, but I had also a lot of fun and nothing is irreversible.
thank you and goodbye!