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Thread: thank you and goodbye!

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    Default thank you and goodbye!

    hi guys,
    I want to say thank you and goodbye to all here. especially to the geek and the other geek, but also to cran, caanberry, bazbaz, waccoe75, icredd, kotbiiajibto, morganschoice, keefter, charles49, shadowninja, nikol, pc0845, kawasaki and all the others "old" guys here.
    since 2007 I traded on bf and since 2011 I traded fulltime, made 71110 pounds gross profit, paid 14363 pounds total charges. it was a very intensive and fine time and I liked it very much to know that all the others around 1-2 pm were as me at the computer to trade horse-racing. often when we met in the chatroom I felt rearly happy to trade, to talk, to make some money. everyone was helpful to everyone and it was a fine group-feeling. I remember also the numerous outages of bf and the day 12th jan 2013 when we had over 1000 users online here all angry. really nice and fine time for me.
    now I have stopped trading forever and I will leave this forum as some years ago I made an investment and luckily it turned out very nice, I dont have to work any longer.
    for all existing/upcoming traders here I want to remember my "most honest" post with this annotation: yes, trading is as described, all true, but I had also a lot of fun and nothing is irreversible.
    thank you and goodbye!

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    That's great news mate! Was it Bitcoin?

    It used to be a great forum, that's true. It is comforting to know I'm not the only one at 2pm watching the ladder like a madman.

    Do you think you'll give it up completely or maybe dabble on Cheltenham? If it were me I don't think I could resist Cheltenham, everything else I'd love to give up.

    All the best for the future,


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    What a lovely sign-off, it's great to know that there are still pleasant people in the world. Good luck in the future H and enjoy your trading retirement,

    cheers, MC

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    Great to hear, that somebody make it. Happy for you. All the best helplessone.

    Icredd, i think the same. For me it would be super great too, if i could do just cheltenham and maybe some other big festivals and give up everything else. But still can not do that. Need to work work work....

    Maybe in some future....

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    Thanks for all your contributions, enjoy life.

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    Nice to be thanked.

    Must have been bitcoin. Well done.

    I don't think I could earn a big enough investment to retire early. Might be because I live 20 minutes from central London.

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    me traded so long time ago, barely remembered passwords to open betfair. installed fresh toy..... hands automatically arranged setup as i was using it before... seems its like to ride a bicycle, you cant forget it... opened bottle of bee...err, i mean, markets.. numbers jumping back and forth, stream of color flashes rushing into my brainz.. seems like every move of £££ still makes sense to me... oh boy, how do you guys think, do i have great times today?

    nah mate, once a soldier, always a soldier. youll be back someday. we all here are doomed

    cant thank Grand Master Geeks enough for engineering such great products. and all of you guys, for keeping me entertained during miserable hours of trying to catch fortune by her hazy tail

    love you all

    (psssst, guys, was it really a bitcoin??? fookin bastard.....)
    справка по The Geeks Toy на русском »» здеся ««

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    ....great post....thanks for your contribution over the years and best of luck for the future.......

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