I'm new to the software and this is my first post, so sorry if this has been asked before or discussed previously.

Is there any way, or any future potential, to display the last amount matched and accumulate this based on whether it was matched by a back bet or a lay bet (essentially traded volume, but split by trades that were completed as a result of back bets, and trades completed as a result of lay bets). There are lots of configurable columns in geeks toy and that seems a key strength of the software, so this would I guess be another feature like that?

The white numbers that flash up in the back column or lay column means for individual matched amounts it must be possible to split it out in that way, but it would be great to see the accumulation as it would be a good indicator of sentiment (showing if matched volume is increasing because people are backing the price or laying the price).

This would (in my opinion) be a great feature and would match up to a key indicator in day trading platforms on the financial markets.

Apologies if this is the wrong part of the forum to ask the question on.

I'm guessing the API doesn't provide this directly, so the software would need to build up the picture and display based on a calculated array (which would be useful as could then potentially rest this to zero at any given point in time to nicely track current sentiment).