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Thread: Bugged "Traded volume type: bars" (market profile)

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    Exclamation Bugged "Traded volume type: bars" (market profile)


    I want to say that row with traded bars on ticks is bugged. Let me explain: when u open every single market the volume presented on ticks is fine, the values and the range of bars equal to every ammount of money are OK. But when the market is going on and the liquidity is rising the range of bars don't show the realistic ammount of money (but the values of money are fine). One picture for thousands words:

    1. Under we can see fresh opened market, every green bar represent acutal ammount of money and it is ok.

    2. After few mins, secs (depends on money going to market) the green bars bugs and doesnt represent the realistic value (but the numbers are ok)

    3. Here the bug is gone , why ? Because you need to right click on geeks choose the type of traded volume ammount to shades and get beck your bars, then the market is "refreshed" and the range of green bars represent realistic value.

    4. Next bugged picture.

    5. Next bugged picture. Here we can see that 43k bar is same as 27k bar, in trading it makes a difference !

    6. Refreshed market of previous picture that is fine with green bars.

    I would like to add the problem occours on every market on every sport on every horse,team etc.
    I wish you'll repair that bug asap.

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    I also would like to add that, after "refreshing market" (changing type of traded value to shadows and back to bars) the problem isnt solved. Market is just refreshed at this moment and the bug continues it dirty work to confuse green bars.

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