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Thread: Changing the level in Premium Charge !

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    Default Changing the level in Premium Charge !

    someone experience with changing levels in premium charge?

    so in premium charge there is 60 50 40 and 20% level depending on lifetime generated comission.

    went to >10% lifetime generated this week, so should have went from 50 to 40%, but their program didnt notice, calculations still for 50% see picture.
    they noticed when i got into this charge pretty quickly before i even had to pay...

    so i was on 9% so decided to generate more commission get to the 40% level, had bot place lots of small bets or arbitrage for exammple back over 2.5 then lay all other score on correct score market etc
    this things probably win a percent but expected to lose after comssission, so purpose really just reduce charges, get to 40% level..

    looking to take betfair seriously in the future, so important i dont give them reason to dislike me/ not want me as a customer..

    not very experienced, i know they are not as like bookmakers just closing accounts as its bad publicity, but could they have a problem with this?

    are they likely to review my betting patterns if i call them about dropping the level or should i just wait a couple weeks see if they change it manually?

    great to get some feedback what you would do thank you, i dont think im cheating btw just adjust my betting to their fee structure

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    forgot picture >10% generated

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    Hi. What sports to you trade most? It's football, same like your programmed bot? I'm not that experienced like others, but If you have a break even strategy with your bot, I don't think that it's illegal to use it to generate more commission, although you should know that betfair has some rules about ‘premium charge avoidance" This was discussed in the past on other forums also, some users had problems because of it like account frozen and money taken for premium charge. This is an answer from betfair that a user got:

    We have a premium charge that is payable by a very small proportion of our customers. Some customers may try to avoid paying the premium charge by structuring their betting in a particular way. If we find a customer has tried to do this, then we deduct the relevant premium charge from their accounts in accordance with our terms and conditions. All those liable to the premium charge are made aware of these terms and conditions

    You can find here a good post about premium charge -

    Ps: your picture resolution is too low. You could try to upload on for better resolution

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