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Thread: Hedging problem

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    Default Hedging problem

    In Advanced betting options

    In price check is the best bet control or 1 click (what does it mean)
    Available stake check is it bet control or1 click
    on hedging market is it Just hedge or cancel then hedge
    Selection hedge just hedge or cancel and bet

    Also have a problem in that when I click on hedge I end up with a liability on bet placed
    eg clicked on hedge amount of 73p (only used as example) and all of a sudden I had a liability of 47.47 on the horse I had backed
    Am now having a problem is that when I bet on the grid bets are duplicated

    No idea whats going on and would appreciate help


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    Bet control means bring up the bet in the Bet Control in the main info bar before placing. ( The one with the green tick ) 1 Click means place the bet straight away. { When you click the price or available stake on the grid. }

    The "cancel then hedge" cancels all bets on the runner / market before placing the closing hedge bet. Otherwise it leaves any current bets in.

    Without access to the data have no idea what your hedging issue is.

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