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Description taken from youtube:
For those that weren't in the markets at the time, this is how the absolute carnage that was the 13:40 Newbury traded on 21st July, 2017.

I had no intention of sharing this recording beforehand and it's directly taken from my archives unedited. That means you'll have to forgive my girly laugh that's in there somewhere...

Thought I'd share this as it's pretty funny watching me trying to figure out what was going on in real time. I feel genuinely sorry for any in-play punters who got absolutely roasted here (you can see the money come even before the monkey comes and presses the big button labeled 'press when in-play').

I can only assume the layers held their bets at all prices and are thanking their lucky stars because you'd have to have some mental fortress in place to hedge there, not even sure it would be the plus EV play.

This rare event took place just one day after the drama at Killarney where a horse was led in and allowed a huge lead, with no false start. All bets were voided 20 minutes after the finish (I'm still pissed at that one).

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