Does Geek's toy have a staking array option for in play?

For example, I could set my array to 5 orders in a downwards direction with a offset gap of 5 ticks from the back stake, which is £25..

I click the current back side odds where I want my array to start, say current odds are 3.70 it then automatically places 1 back and 5 lay orders like this;

LAY......... BACK
------3.70 - £25
£5 - 3.40------
£5 - 3.35------
£5 - 3.30------
£5 - 3.25------
£5 - 3.20------

This would be helpful in delivering very fast small stake bets into the market when in play trading the favourite/leading horse on long distance races, you place your back bet then have it close it's self off bit by bit with the lay stakes..

I know you could do this manually, but in play you need a lot of speed and you can make mistakes trying to set this up whilst the odds are going mental.