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Thread: Betfair Trading Resources For AGT Pro Newbies

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    Betfair trading resources are everywhere, but which ones are best?

    It's a lonely old place when you first start to trade. In fact, it wasn't that long after I'd looked into trading that I started a thread on this forum in the Diaries section because of it.

    Still, the same question is asked again and again. Which resources should you be looking at first when it comes to trading Betfair. Hopefully this post will help new Geeks Toy users out and serve as a good reference for just that!

    Before you do anything, understand the Toy:

    There's a packet load of features, some you'll never use. But before you do anything, make sure you know how it works. There's nothing worse than losing money because you didn't read the instructions.

    See the Geeks Manual Here. The inclination seems to be to just ask more questions. If it's Geeks Toy related, it has all the answers.

    If not, then there's dummies guide for geeks toy I put together. In comparison it's a lot shorter, although only really aimed at those trading as I do.


    Betting Market Basics...

    Understanding the Over Round (Market Pricing)
    What Is Weight Of Money?
    How Does Cross Matching Work?

    Users Threads Worth Reading:

    There are hundreds worth reading, some with real quality clues as well as being amusing. I remember reading many of these listed below when I first started out.

    Reading between the lines is sometimes a good way to find areas to study...

    Two weeks to find the rent money
    Diary of learning
    Tin-Pot Trader
    Crazy £5 challenge
    World cup diary
    Geeks Toy Videos

    There may have been some I missed above so feel free to comment and add them below! Another decent place for Betfair trading resources is the Apps Directory although Betfair don't really publicise it much themselves.

    Other than that it's good to get stuck in to as much useful information as possible.. You can see a list of my 5 Best Betfair Trading Books here. A lot of the time it will depend on what you're looking to trade. Tennis trading is very different to horse racing Trading and that's even more different than football. However, there are similarities in the places you'll often find an edge.

    One of the most important things to remember is you are also part of your edge. A lack of self-control, discipline and correct environment is more likely to lead to losses. Much like not having read the user manual above.

    Couple of useful articles for racing:

    Betfair Trading Tips For Beginners
    Scalping Betting Exchanges
    Back to Lay Trading
    6 Full-Time Traders Answer 3 Questions

    Any other trading wisdom or trading resources of use please feel free to join in below!

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