Hello Geek

love the Toy! Am having some probs with stop loss with in running horse races. I like to back pre race with a stop loss at about 18 ticks and then

-lay the same amount as the original back bet around 5-10 ticks lower for green
-fully hedge when the price goes even lower either by clicking the green hedge amount in the market and api status menu or on the ladder.

Tanden helped me with one problem which is when the first lay is met to untick the "hedge" function for the stop loss in staking and tools to avoid the Toy triggering the original stop loss once I have risk free green on my selection

However I am now hitting another problem which is that after the green is fully hedged at the lower price the stop loss then fires another stop loss in for the second lay. ie it now places a back bet at 18 ticks above my second, hedging lay!

I hope this makes sense. I am trying to get round this by switching the stop loss off immediately after the second lay to try to stop it firing a stop loss in but it isnt working (or i am just not fast enough in switching it off)

I have looked around the forum and no one else is reporting this problem so what am i doing wrong?

thanks in advance