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Thread: lay the early leader

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    Default lay the early leader

    I've been watching horse race and i realised that the horse that takes an early lead rarely wins. I never calculated the amount of times it happens its just what i felt after watching hundreds of race. I am thinking of developing a strategy laying early front runners in play.

    Do you have any opinion toward this ?

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    You can't just lay a horse based on the fact that it likes to take an early lead you'll end up losing loads!! You should be backing them at the start when you think that they will get an early lead, or you'll be going against an easy profitable strategy.

    You can place a lay on a horse that shoots off like a rocket and is running too free which uses up to much energy and it still has a bit of distance to run so will struggle to win, then you can lay it. Or when the horse gets a good lead and the others start to catch up the price will drift.

    Good luck, and don't lay Bertie Blu Boy on the all weather

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