Hi guys,

I should start saying that I am totally newbie in what regards sports trading but I do have some experience in sports betting and, I like to say, pretty good football knowledge.

So, I've made a small deposit into my Betfair account with the purpose of trying some methods that could gain me money. One of the simple methods is laying the draw and then back after a team scored, hopefully the favorite to get out from the market with quite considerable profits. Sounds simple but it isn't that simple in reality. I'm well aware of that. I'd like to hear your opinions about this method. Did you use it? Was it profitable? Of course I know that match selection is the key but it's always good to hear other people thoughts, especially if they do have some experience in trading.

I do also have a number of questions/situations. Would really appreciate if I can get responses.
1) Is there any advised minimum liquidity in a market to get involved in?
2) How do you approach it after the goal was scored?
If the favorite score would you recommend to cash out immediately or wait? I would let it run more minutes before I green-up as I think it is not good to get out of it just after the favorite scored because on the long term I'd need a very big winning % of the football matches traded to be on profit.
3) What if the underdog scores first? Well, this is a situation that scary a lot of people as I heard. What are your thoughts about this matter? Personally, I think it is advised to get out with small loss. Take in consideration that I'm not planning laying odds higher than 3.5.
4) There's no goal in the match as it reaches the 70th minute. Well in this situation I'm planning to exit the market and accept the loss. It is impossible to win all of the matches and sometimes I need to accept losses too. Do you think it is a good approach?

That's all that comes in my mind at the moment. If I have more I'll post it here.

I wrote this message in hurry and I'm not English native. So, please understand if there are any language problems.