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Thread: Confusing 'Time-Out' situation....

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    Default Confusing 'Time-Out' situation....

    Hi all its me again - error man!
    I tried an experiment last night using the MBT Dutching operation to place £100 LAY bets at back price and £100 BACK bets at LAY price in SIMULATION mode.
    Today (Left computer on overnight) the program was showing the attached screenshot which didn't change even after the race was over.
    As I hadn't been at the computer, I didn't know the race had been run and was assuming there had been a delay or the race had been abandoned.
    After saving the screenshot and highlighting the times it was only when I clicked on AGT to access the forum that I received the bottom message - 'Your session has timed out'.
    This could be (was!) very confusing as the 'Market and API Timer' was still updating.

    I have also still been getting the problem I mentioned previously - not getting the correct selected back price using the MBT tool.

    I hope I'm not boring everyone with these messages, but my feeling is that it might save everyone the same 'learning curve' and possibly save them from accidentally losing money!
    Best regards.... still determined... dt
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    The timer will continue to update even when the internet connection has dropped. As you were not sitting at your computer, you have no way of knowing if your connection was continuous and this is a possible cause for your "error".

    The simulation mode is designed to familiarise an individual with the mechanics of the software. At some stage, it has to be abandoned, bullets must be bitten and nettles grasped, and the plunge taken so as to enter the world of real trading.

    Speaking personally, I don't care about bugs in training mode unless, of course, they are so serious as to cause me terminal physical injury, or mental torment which would drive me to an asylum.

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    When you log into Betfair AGT gets a session token from them for you to use it which is valid for 24 hours. After 24 hours this causes what you describe above.

    I have moved this to known issues & workarounds, as this is only the second report of this affecting someone we've had since 2009, and the work around is to ensure you shut down & re-start AGT within 24 hours of first logging in.

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