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Thread: Geeks Toy automation

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    Default Geeks Toy automation

    Are you thinking to implement automatic trading using excel?

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    read this:

    Quote Originally Posted by The Geek View Post
    AGT is the premier Betfair tool for manual trading, and as such future development for the product is primarily focused on that aspect.

    There are 2 conflicting schools of thought among the user base.

    Camp 1 want it to be all singing, all dancing, do this, do that, do the other and make the tea in tandem.

    Camp 2 are of the opinion that AGT has everything they need, and adding features that they feel are as useful as an ashtray on a motorcycle irks them as it potentially slows down the software / breaks other things, causes unnecessary support headache for them yada yada.

    We just have to strike a balance between the 2. There are no plans at this juncture to add Excel or Automation to AGT, as there are already at least 3 good botting products in this very limited marketplace. { Of course, this may change if we ever run out of good ideas or the demand for bots increases substantially. }

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    Any change in philosophy, on this issue in the intervening 5 years, Geek?

    cheers, MC

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    Quote Originally Posted by Morgans Choice View Post
    Any change in philosophy, on this issue in the intervening 5 years, Geek?

    cheers, MC
    Geek's Toy with automation would be incredible. Worth another subscription

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