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9th December 2009, 12:59 PM
Hi, I need to understand the mechanics of greening/hedging with TT a little better.

I'm swiftly becoming a convert from BD - have studied the user docs, getting to grips with the various ladder options etc.

Today I ventured my first trade, Backed and layed Only the Best @ 4.7/4.6, and managed to green the 20p across the field. Backed Whats Up Woody ? 1.88 and scratched that one OK. (All for 2 pound stakes)

Layed Whats Up Woody IR @1.8, (felt he was too low at that price), and sure enough he started to drift, so I attempted to hedge across the field. A few seconds later I'm just short of 2K better off!

Looking at my BF history I see a back bet of 2 @ 1000.00, and I assume that TT would then have done the trickery to put in my few pence back bet? Does this happen in the same way that BD achieves this goal?

One more practical question - how do I zip up and down the ladder screens IR? Can I have them "centralize" automagically?

Many Thanks,

mbb :)

The Geek
9th December 2009, 01:05 PM
Betfair has a minnimum bet requirement of 2. TT & other API apps can place bets under 2, but it uses trickery to do this.

EG If you want to place a 10p Back Bet @ 4...

1. TT Places a 2 back bet @ 1000.
2. It alters this bet to 2.10, this creates a new bet of 10p.
3. It cancels the 2 bet, & changes the price of the 10p one to 4.

What you describe is that there was money laying the horse @ 1000 when you submitted your bet. Hence the 2 bet got matched, and the 10p bet could not be placed, giving you a 2000 green on that horse.