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16th November 2009, 05:43 PM
Having previously traded using Betraider pro, im now looking at several options for a replacement, and i'm finding that everything i look at seems to have one or two things putting me off it. What i like about the toy is the customisable nature, so im hoping that the suggestions i have are more likely to be implemented as an option for those that want it, rather than having to change the nature of the application. I should add that i trade solely using the grid interface. The suggestions are as follows:

1- I like the principle of the "in grid staking" option. However, having the stake box in the middle of the prices on the spread seems to me the worst possible place to put it, as it makes it much harder to look at the prices on the spread together as the back and lay boxes are further apart. My suggestion is therefore to move the box to either the left or right of the entire market, or alternatively (my guess is this would be easier to implement) have a "hide box" option, so that once the stakes have been set, the box can be hidden, moving the spread prices back together.

2- When trading a market, i like to have numerous back/lay boxes open, so i can quickly submit whatever bet i want dependent on market movements. For example, if a selection is currently 4 - 4.1 on the spread, i'd like to have one window open ready to back at 4, and one ready to lay at 4.1, but the toy wont let you do this; having opened the back at 4 window, if you then also open the lay at 4.1 window, it modifies the back at 4 window to read back at 4.2. So my request is to disable this automatic modification.

3- Id like the option to have seperate "place bets" windows for individual selections, so these can be moved around rather than having all selections in the one window.

4- Similar to the reasons for suggestion 1, id like the option to bring the selections in a market closer together, by removing/hiding the blue bar with the selection name/wom/ price info. The only info from this i need to see constantly is the selection name, the rest only serves to clutter the screen for me, making the market harder to read at a glance. My suggestion is therefore to have an option to remove this bar, moving the selection name to a new box to the far left of the market.

Apologies if any of the features are in fact available- if so can you let me know how to implement, and if not can you let me know whether any of the suggestions could be made available?


The Geek
16th November 2009, 05:51 PM
I'm afraid to say there are no plans for a grid upgrade in the near future. At some point next year if I ever run out of things to do I will be looking at doing a new grid with as many bells, whistles & configuration options as the ladder.