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15th November 2009, 10:38 AM
I'm not sure if I have skipped something on the user manual regarding the market navigator, but I have the following issue: When trading on the weekend soccer matchs I normally switch the navigator on the Soccer mode, and the select On now.

IT was OK at 16:00 hours, and correctly displayed the live events at that moment. But... How can we refresh it? Because I could not fin a way to do it, and in the end I had to switch to In play mode, which showed evertyhing. AT 23:00 hours after Spain won the match I returned back to On now, and the 16:00 hours matches were still there.

Do we have (every hour or so) to place the navigator on All markets, then rightclick and Refresh from Betfair, and then swithc back to On now? Or there is any other straight forward way to do it?

I can use Inplay mode, but on weekends is too populated and On now, enables me to identify better&quick which market to choose.

The Geek
15th November 2009, 10:54 AM
I believe that all you need to do to refresh is open the quick pick drop down { the one with "Soccer Matches" in } and re-select it & it should refresh the data from Betfair.

Alternatively TT does use the Betfair coupons { All Markets -> Soccer -> Coupons -> In Play } and they auto refresh at an interval you set, along with being able to customise the interface to your needs via the right click menu.