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9th November 2009, 10:04 PM

I tried out the toy last night for the first time on a soccer match in-play using below minimum stakes. I know Betfair imposes a 5sec (I think) delay to bets placed during in-play. Using below minimum stake (below 2) results in a total of 15sec delay (as it entails 3 separate transactions), However, yesterday, using the toy for this in the ladder interface, it was taking/displaying a 25sec delay. Any explanation for this please?

Don't know whether this is relevant, but API settings are:

Bets 500ms MPC 3
Prices 450ms MPC 3
Complete Prices in Hybrid mode 1000ms MPC 1
Traded volume 1000ms MPC 1
External Bets 10000ms MPC 1
Account Funds 10000ms MPC 1


The Geek
9th November 2009, 10:09 PM
Betfair can impose up to a 10 second delay depending on where the event is held & the speed of their own data feeds.

In the ladder for a below minnimum bet, TT will countdown in the Bet column @ 3 x Delay + 1 second.

So if you are seeing 25 here it suggests a delay of 8 secionds on the market.