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8th September 2009, 01:09 PM
Nice Toy :)

Very nice job.

lets talk about some easy stuffs, that cant classify as important bugs but

1) Shortcut

Lets talk about the easy stuffs, wondering if im the only one that dont get any shortcut after installation.

Its a problem ? No . Just it look more nice to public if they get the icon of shortcut on desktop or programs bar.

I installed on 2 pcs didnt get any shortcut.

2 ) 64 Bit

As discussed with Geek already, there isnt any support x64 with this release, glad I've laptop 32bit and I can test the toy with it :)

Im sure it will be fixed in future, also because its getting more users that market, everyday. I've windows 7 to try but its x64 also so will wait a bit to install it and try the toy there ;)

3 ) ladder layout

whatever I select, the graph in the footer alwayus stay down, even if I pick Top / left / right .

Something I miss, :

- In other software, it show on the ladder a flash red ( lay ) or a flash green ( back ) when the WOM its % more then other side.

For example if i've open the ladder with many dogs, having a flash light that tell me that someone putted 300% more on a dog, I can see faster, then look every dog with my eyes and the money on it.

I need also option that I can setup the %. Im not interested if 1 side has 50% more, I just wanna the flash light when the wom exceed 400% for example.

Didnt see it , looked around 15 minutes but couldnt find anything like that.

- maybe im blind but I've open the ladder and I dont see any premade buttons with some stakes. I saw the 1 on top that ive to click and then pick, would be nice having already the icon and just click on the stake so it takes less millisecond to react.

Well gonna continue test, sorry if maybe I pointed out something its already implemented.

The Geek
8th September 2009, 01:23 PM
OK first of all, re the stake buttons, you need to read the "Where are my stake buttons" section of "Getting Started" in the help.

Re the graph on page 20 of the Ladder help it says...

Betfair Graph Display – Turns on / off the Betfair graph display. Also sets the position of the Betfair graph relative to the bets should they be shown.

The graph will always be at the bottom of the ladder, that setting is it's position relative to matched & unmatched bets.

RE WOM -- Read the WOM section on pages 7,8 & 9 of the grid help. There is a setting "Weight Threshold" so you can set WOM only to display if it is over a certain weight. These settings also apply to the Ladder.

8th September 2009, 02:01 PM

I looked out for change colors, I saw on the guide the color scheme button that change the overall color of the Toy.

Its possible to change colors of the back side and lay side, I kinda like to put some colors that are more strong for not makes tired my eyes. Yes i've big glasses and im blind :o

The Geek
8th September 2009, 02:07 PM
Not at the moment.