View Full Version : Known performance issues Betfair API-NG vs API 6

The Geek
14th November 2014, 04:09 PM
To cut down on repetition, I have put together a list of the current known issues in Betfairs new API and will update this thread when any more come to light / are solved.

API Hangs from time to time for a few seconds.
We have seen reports of this from users of other API software as well so currently believe this to be a Betfair API issue.

API Feels sticky, Bets take longer to be placed / cancelled / matched
I've seen users of other products point this out too. Bottom line is Betfairs new API isn't as good as their old one and is down to a combination of factors.

1. There can be sporadic delays of up to 1-2 seconds in our testing { sometimes 2-3 seconds according to user reports } in Betfair returning latest bet information in busy markets. This makes it look like bets are taking longer to be placed, cancelled and matched when in reality it is caused by data delays.

2. When markets get busy we are seeing average return times twice what they were in API 6, with regular spikes of 5 to 6 times API 6.

3. The API isn't as stable / consistent as the old one, nor does it perform as well in high volume markets.

4. The new API is not as optimal as the old one in terms of data delivery. For instance, in the old API you could pull the bet match info for a single bet or subset of bets in one call. In the new API you need to retrieve every single bet for a market to obtain this info. As such GT is having to retrieve more data and make more calls than it did on the previous API. As such, those with slower connections or a greater distance from the exchange will notice this more. One way that could possibly improve things is to open the API settings manager and set the MPC for both prices and bets to 3 or greater.

Incorrect Account Balances Displayed
This can be caused by a couple of factors.

1. Sometimes the account balance requests from Betfair can take a number of seconds to return and / or timeout resulting in out of date balances being displayed.

2. Sometimes the account balances show a penny / cent more that you are actually able to bet with, resulting in error messages when trying to place bets with your full bank.

Last Traded Price Shows Incorrectly
During a market suspension the last traded price is showing incorrectly.

Market Tree doesn't update when you click "Refresh From Betfair" to see recently added markets.
This is down to Betfair no longer providing the simple calls to navigate each level of the tree as they did in API 6. So instead of being able to navigate 1 layer at a time, we have to download the entire tree, which we cache in the product. As a work around we have added a "Refresh from Betfair" to the market navigator that refreshes the entire tree. So this will take much longer and means you will need to re-navigate the tree.

High CPU usage from setting Virtual Bets -> Full
By default GT only shows the top 3 virtual bets, which is our own implementation. This is because on full in high frequency markets such as horse racing the ladder flashes like a Christmas tree, which places additional demand in redrawing which is very processor intensive. If you have Virtual Bets set to full and your PC feels sluggish, please set to top 3.