View Full Version : Unable to load ladders

13th August 2016, 02:08 AM

I have a problem with loading the ladders after using the toy for a while. Let's say I've been trading for an hour, and want to open a new market. When clicking on the market in the market navigator you can see the market is loaded at the top of the the geekstoy main window (as seen in picture), but the ladder it's self dosen't open. The problem is solved by restarting geekstoy, but that's way too time consuming when you need to open a new market fast.

I've tried moving the taskbar and deleting the MultiMarketOptions.xml file in the settings folder. But neither seems to solve the problem. I'm using windows 8.

Anyone experiencing the same problem or know how to solve this?


13th August 2016, 02:37 AM
I maybe should add that I able to open the grid view, whilst having this problem.