View Full Version : Problems with LTP when using multibet tool

20th May 2016, 12:30 PM
Hello all,
not sure anything can be done about this, but you never know!
For the past couple of weeks I have been backing each horse pre race at 1.05 using the LTP facility. At the beginning I would occasionally have a bet matched immediately at a silly price ie. 100 +, this seemed to occur in races with large fields and was mainly in irish racing. I thought I had solved this by ignoring the larger priced nags, particularly where the lay price was substantially bigger than the back. However, yesterday I put in my pending bets on a race at Clonmel, LTP to be 1.01, back at 1.05, and for some bizarre reason just before the race ended it threw in a bet on a horse at odds of 164 . Looking at betfair results this horse came nowhere near my threshold. Anyone with any ideas, because what had been a substantially successful concept, has now left me considerably poorer. Cheers!