View Full Version : Window splashon problem under windows 2012 server

14th February 2015, 05:53 PM
hello guys

I use a server under windows 2012 and i always have some problems during RDP remote connections when i use geekstoy.

Windows are not always visible, for example if i open a market ladder, i have to put geekstoy down in the taskbar and up 1 or 2 times to see correctly my ladder. I tried several servers under 2012 and it 's always the same problem. All over applications are ok and geekstoy is the only application with this display problem. no problem at all under windows 2008 server.
when i disconnect and reconnect from RDP the windows are coming back. really strange.

the problem is the same if i connect with my laptop or my mobile phone, so i don't think it's an RDP problem but mostly a geekstoy window display problem under 2012.

thanks for your help