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  1. Betdaq Geeks Toy is not working
  2. New Version Download Issues
  3. Can't find the Multi-bet tool for dutching
  4. Version released 10.11.14 has removed Audio Configuration. Where do i find it now?
  5. No Live Video
  6. Bet persistence BUG
  7. Betting with control time - Help
  8. PING question?
  9. Market Overview missing?
  10. BETDAQ Show traded volume??
  11. Good cheap VPN
  12. Next Eace
  13. Login Error
  14. Time
  15. t&c,s betfair
  16. Geekstoy/VPN Question
  17. bets not placeing
  18. Training mode, liability and bank query
  19. which old setting-folders can I delete?
  20. Can't login
  21. what have i done wrong
  22. the program has stopped working
  23. Cannot open more than 1 market
  24. Bet delay - countdown 2,1,0...?
  25. on now and inplay for football
  26. multibet tool
  27. Matches with Extratime doesn't show the market
  28. On Now / In Play for Soccer and Tennis
  29. Cant open any markets at all . They are on loading mode .
  30. Hedge Error........
  31. Como colocar as barras da ultima ODD transacionada
  32. Swapping Bet and Lay columns in Ladder
  33. Betting on SP odds range
  34. Error in order
  35. Can't log in
  36. Maximum Stop Loss
  37. Another Stop Loss Question
  38. Crash Bug
  39. ladder settings
  40. Stop Loss ?
  41. Can I set Hot Keys for stake value?
  42. Market Navigator - Chelmsford City
  43. two accounts
  44. Halt time/full time football bets
  45. how do you
  46. Stop Loss places bets after I greened/hedged
  47. Aus Open markets keep loading forever.
  48. No tennis betting
  49. Adjust the Winning/loss in the ladder view
  50. Australian Open Tennis Market
  51. Brasilian U19 markets
  52. Graphic Odd Vs 90 minutos Football
  53. Horse Markets are not loading
  54. Profit / Loss Own column
  55. Bank doesn't update after win in training mode
  56. Open markets issues
  57. Changing the Taskbar Icon
  58. How to close a chart
  59. Two problems in AGT
  60. Advanced charting set up problem
  61. Bet in action error
  62. sign up
  63. Sort order using Keyboard Shortcut
  64. load saved profiles
  65. Remembering open markets
  66. hedging tool
  67. Someone tried to access my account (here on this site)
  68. Australian API
  69. Login Error
  70. Bug
  71. Danish user. NemID problems
  72. slow internet connection
  73. Payment for Geekstoy
  74. Running Geeks Toy on 2 separate computers?
  75. Adding new distances for Racing Timer
  76. Running geeks toy on mac mini
  77. Configuración problema Geekstoy
  78. My Markets question
  79. Delay sounds
  80. API limits in Betdaq
  81. application could not load your user profile. please login again
  82. Greening on low stacks
  83. Betfair API calls price?
  84. markets not loading
  85. Global ordering
  86. Goondiwindi Races
  87. trading from south east asia
  88. Market Filtering
  89. can't open geeks toy. Please help me!
  90. Can Someone help me how to use tasadab vps
  91. How to place bets with multi bet tool?
  92. Ladder, 1 click multiple backs (or lays)
  93. Red / Green
  94. bet view only over some amount of money
  95. Unexpected hedge
  96. racing volume as a % of each runner
  97. Unexpected stop/hedge
  98. Invalid Login
  99. Exposure Type Lay Bets
  100. How to find when my subscription expires?
  101. Using % bank staking in staking and tools menu
  102. Stop loss
  103. problem with login to betfair
  104. Place sp bets window not displaying
  105. Remove tools bar above ladders?
  106. Multibet Tool - Eliminated Selections
  107. disconnect protection?
  108. problem with Stop Entry from Multibet tool
  109. "Insufficient Balance"
  110. 12 sec in-play delay
  111. Multi Bet Tool on multiple tennis or soccer markets - help?
  112. Bug Hedge
  113. I cannot pay the subsciption
  114. Problems
  115. Markets freezing for 5-15 seconds.
  116. profile upload
  117. I suddenly can not display account balances TOY!
  118. Can't Lay the field
  119. How to increase the size of Font Size?
  120. Can't Log On
  121. Wrongfully banned for 'spam'
  122. Ladder configure
  123. Hedge shows me wrong informations
  124. Keep Betdaq Bets In-Running
  125. Ladder Problem
  126. Stop/Loss
  127. Geeks Toy interfering with RacingPost website?
  128. Cannot log in
  129. Still Can't Log In
  130. Login startup problems
  131. live feed /market overview
  132. Cloud settings - Restore....nothing happens
  133. Can't log in
  134. toy greened up and i was nowhere near it?
  135. How can I get the toy to green up when my back bet is done on bookie?
  136. Where is my small profit gone?
  137. Transfer Login
  138. Hi Guys
  139. GT crazy in every market
  140. geeks problem
  141. liquidity pooling not showing on GT
  142. Market & API Hedging Option Problem in Correct Score Market
  143. suggestion for owned license
  144. Coupons gone again
  145. Error Login - HTTP POST Returns The Error: 417 “Expectation Failed
  146. increased memory consumption?
  147. inplay betting horse racing
  148. bet cancel on in-play
  149. Missing bookmarks coupons day by day
  150. how do i return my sidebar menu back to normal?
  151. Cannot find headers...
  152. Full market depth and traded amounts column not showing
  153. Soccer -> Today's In-Play
  154. How do i cancel my account, including here in forums?
  155. Hedge only bets placed by GT
  156. Suggestion
  157. Счёт матча, как вывести на панель
  158. clint id
  159. Possible training mode fault!
  160. Touch screen
  161. Setup help!
  162. Cannot find market
  163. AUSTRALIAN races
  164. problem with high cpu-usage? a remedy.
  165. Layout profiles
  166. Greening up problem.
  167. Which pad will work without problem with GT?
  168. Ladder move from active window
  169. My GT Suspend and opens market's very times in a row and have other problems
  170. Take an available price at minimum
  171. Question Please On Trading Out!
  172. how to keep a bet inplay?
  173. Clearing liability with one click
  174. [feature request] - Virtual wallets and exposure limit
  175. Always maximize market bar ???
  176. in running Bets not getting matched
  177. Ice Hockey coupons
  178. Is this software still supported?
  179. Error in order
  180. Question about Traded Volume Type ???
  181. Race Timer inplay Horse market
  182. Limit number of stakes or set max allowed money by horse
  183. Help regarding subsciption mistaken
  184. Help!
  185. Betfair Video
  186. coupons for Australian tennis?
  187. Betfair restriction on Australian markets
  188. phone and geeks toy
  189. new programs
  190. API settings question
  191. GeeksToy under Linux
  192. Cant buy with Skrill
  193. What are the advantages
  194. i want know about cricket inplay market suspend in betfair exchange....
  195. Multi platform install
  196. betfair, Identity Verification Process
  197. Market opens but there is nothing there!
  198. which folders can I delete?
  199. Vista em escada ajuda!
  200. Can someone please help me a little with statstics
  201. Header colour
  202. On the Ladder: Changing the colour/font of the odds display
  203. trouble installing geeks toy
  204. All coupons missing
  205. Anybody did Tony Langley`s Football Hedgeing Course?
  206. Error GT
  207. stop loss after placing a bet
  208. no showing uk wallet and no markets are loading
  209. Help! geeks toy slow at putting in my bets
  210. Cannot login
  211. audio alerts - woman voice
  212. stake buttons problem
  213. "queue" how much money is there in queue before me?
  214. Bet placed on betfair website not visible in GT
  215. Chromebook
  216. UK/Irish horse racing videos
  217. Geekstoy down ?
  218. Betfair Issues
  219. How to Edit Stake Menu?
  220. Which new features would you like to see in the toy?
  221. what's happening with betfair ?
  222. Soccer U17 and U21
  223. Keeping Pre Race Lay Bets After Going Inplay?
  224. Odd Stop/Loss behaviour
  225. Market Navigator Country Display
  226. Help with Geeks
  227. This page can’t be displayed
  228. Horses - Quik Results & Live Info
  229. Staking - lost control (ladders not financial!)
  230. Client ID
  231. How to change column position?
  232. Time out, doing my f*&king head in!
  233. Racing Timer in version 1.3n
  234. Liability per market
  235. Logging in in different locations with the same computer
  236. Market prices don't show up in ladder or grid
  237. Two (stupid) questions
  238. Lags during match
  240. Disable the confirmation of rates on the ladder
  241. Warning!!!!!! Skrill accounts unsafely!!!!!!!!!!
  242. Suggestion for improvement
  243. Stop loss triggering after cancelled
  244. how do i turn submit button off
  245. Toy issue with stakes
  246. Not able to load a profile when I restart windows and log in again...
  247. Changing Colour of BACK Prices...
  248. Is the following possible with geekstoy. Back only at certain price with tick offset.
  249. where's the option so that the ladder shows the hedged values on both selections?
  250. Euro Winner Market Geek vs bf figures