Trading the Evening Racing Markets on Betfair

Trading the Evening Racing Markets on Betfair

Getting used to the markets is a hard task as it is, so just when you do and things change, it can be really frustrating...

That's exactly what happens for most newbies when it comes to the evening racing!

However, with more opportunities to make money, it's hard to put it down! Here's a few things to bear in mind:

Rushing is Never Good

We tend to get to the end of the day and rush into decisions which we all know doesn't end well. With the races in early evening, we are allowed some time to keep to a strategy rather than making split-second decisions.

As long as you remember to stay calm and take things slow, the novelty of trading in the dark will soon wear off and by the summer, it'll be completely normal. Frustratingly it takes a bit of repatition to get used to, and of course accepting there is a difference between the daytime and evening meetings. Acknowledging it is the start; from there you want to get yourself set up so your routine benefits results!

Evening Strategies

The most important thing to remember is to stick to a structure and remember that chasing never ends well. As long as you remember that, you will have the right mindset to be successful. The extra trading time can be a little daunting at first, and you will probably see a change in the results you are achieving naturally but the markets are slightly different in the evenings.

Just as you have to change when trading on flat to jump racing, you have to change your behaviour for evening racing too. It is relatively similar in the fact that it is the same sport so it cannot stray too far away but the main difference is the amount of time that you have to act on the market. You will quite often see 10-15 minute gaps in between every single race which, to some, can make the whole process somewhat slow and drawn out. However, for others and especially for beginners, it means that you have a lot more time to make up your mind and act sensibly rather than rushing in on a bad decision.

There are also some other key areas that you should look towards if you want to master the evening market; firstly, as strange as it may sound, try to find out whether there are any well known acts booked in to perform at the course. If you find out that a famous singer will be performing, you are likely to see quite a few changes late on.

Finally, you are likely to see completely new horses as well as some that haven't raced for some time so that is an important note to factor in to your trading. As long as you remember the basics of what you have learned so far and don’t stray away from your principles, you can't go wrong with evening racing. Some horse racing strategies may fluctuate in profitability of an evening, it's a case of focusing on the ones that work best.

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