Football bets & odds

Football bets are hugely popular. There are many football fans who regularly bet on Champions League or international football games. Regular offers attract with football odds, so it is a lot of fun to place bets on football games. With a bit of luck, you can make lucrative profits

Live betting is becoming increasingly popular

Live bets have also long been responsible for the majority of betting sales in the soccer field ...

... up to 80% of the bets are not placed before the start of a soccer match, but only enter the betting providers' coffers while the game is running.

The times when you filled out your ticket before the weekend and then just waited for the results to be known are long gone. Today the bet is given immediately before the kick-off, or just during the game with real-time bets.

Sports betting providers of course take this into account by constantly expanding and improving their offers for live betting and bringing them ever more to the fore.

The advance of mobile betting has also strengthened this trend considerably, after all, betting can be made with the mobile phone anytime and anywhere - both in the stadium, in front of the television or in public viewing during live broadcasts.

The 4 most popular sports for live betting are:

  • Football (around 75% of all sales in live betting)

  • Tennis (around 15% of betting stakes in real time)

  • Basketball (approx. 5% of live betting sales)

  • Handball (approx. 2% of live betting sales)

Important starting points for successful soccer tips

In football in particular, there is a huge number of influencing factors that play a role. The betting base would like to briefly introduce some of them to its readers:

  • How great is the motivation of the teams?

It's no secret that in the final phase of the season there are sometimes interesting odds for soccer betting tips that would have turned out to be contrary over the entire season. The background is that there may only be significant seasonal goals to be achieved for one team, while the opponent already feels on the beach in Ibiza.

The sports bettor must always ask himself whether the logical bets on the soccer tip are still interesting at the given odds, or whether the odds have been reduced too significantly by the bookmakers.

  • How important are injured / suspended players for a team?

It is not uncommon for sports bettors to analyze a football game only with a view to the total of missing players, without individually determining their value for the team. However, failures are really painful only when the entire team is unsettled or the quality differences to the substitute player are too serious.

With a bit of luck, failures in the squad even lead to an exaggerated reaction of the odds, so that betting tips today on matchday on team X are even more interesting than would have been the case with normal betting odds without the failed player.

  • Are football tips still useful when the odds have fallen significantly?

There are the games that every sports bettor can see. A distinctive tip is recommended in various forums, the fans talk about it and the betting rate falls into the abyss. A 2.00 from 48 hours ago has become a 1.55. Whoever did not see the early worm with eagle eyes and is therefore still without a commitment in this game should keep his hands off the match from now on. As a rule, the trend has degenerated so much that there is no longer any value behind the quota.

The maximum of naivety and almost stupidity is provided by the thought of trying to get back the winnings of the now weaker odds with a higher stake. Such mindsets are deadly to any sports betting career.

  • How relevant is the head to head balance for planned betting tips?

All sports are always fast-paced, but especially when it comes to football tips, it is important to realize that head-to-head balances or the "direct comparison" must not be overestimated. For example, in the Europa League or Champions League, the H2h balance can be almost completely neglected, since the teams usually do not compete against each other more than every three to four years.

Of course, it's different in everyday league life. There are crazy duels that seem to end differently against the odds. A good example is the pairing Erzgebirge Aue vs. St. Pauli, in which the direct comparison reveals an almost unbelievable plus on the part of the Saxon violets. Apparently the Kiez troop in the Ore Mountains and even at Millerntor cannot use the role of favorites.

Basically, however, the H2h balance is much less important compared to individual sports such as tennis, table tennis or even darts.

  • Bank bets - there are no safe betting tips today!

It was already mentioned earlier in the text, but the emphasis is simply too important not to consider the topic of "safe bets" again at this point. The amateur sports bettor in particular loves the combination of bets on the appropriate football tips, i.e. Bayern, Real, Barcelona, ​​Manchester City, Juventus Turin, Celtic or PSG. But there are two problems:

  • 1) These teams do not win all games either, so that combination bets quickly fall over.

  • 2) The betting providers know about the attractiveness of the betting tips for these teams and therefore set the odds even lower.

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