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Did not loading markets

February 13, 2019
Same problem here. UK costumer. Any news?

Frozen market even with unlocked account

February 13, 2019
Hello everyone of the toy Geeks my account was limited in betfair and a yellow line with frozen market appears in my geekstoy program, yesterday they removed that limitation and continue that yellow line and the freezing of the market in my geekstoy, I tested another program the Traderline and is it working perfectly and then only the geekstoy still presenting this problem can help me?

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Where are you from?

February 11, 2019
Quote: Originally Posted by dobiarz Let know, where are members of Trading Community from. Sri Lanka (mainly)

Confused when scalping

February 11, 2019
Hi, Just starting and try to do lots of small scalps for small stakes to get experience in scalping. problem is I get confused with the number of bets i Have made over time on a runner as the max bets that can show on ladder footer is 10 and in profit and loss they display in no order so sometimes dont know if I should lay or back in the next bet, any suggestions in how I can clarify my current position at any one time. Cheers

Automating Lay aspect of back-lay betting

February 11, 2019
Hi everyone,

First post! I’m looking for a way to automate the action of laying off bets recorded in a spreadsheet based on some kind of criteria in the last minutes before jump. Not quite sure what that criteria might be to get a decent price but, for now, more interested in whether this tool can do something like that for me?

Sorry if it’s been covered 100 times before. Please link the applicable thread(s) if so.


If Race Has In Play

February 9, 2019

Where the timer / countdown is there is a (GO) icon which color green does that mean race can go in play? And if the (GO) is red that me not able to go in play?

Another thing I noticed. When I type my username and password in the username is in password format. I think that should be text format.

What do you think about me?

February 6, 2019
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Open account info

February 6, 2019
hi all, I've still doubts about info the following. Looking forward reply from here or -contact us center-. I would post here their reply whether intersting for someone still uncertain about acquire service

Question1 : what info do I need to provide at the moment I insert the Betfair account onto Geek toy ? Just username and password of betfair ?
Question2 : what info are visible about my betfair account when playin on geeks toy
Q3: can I access betfair account while playing on geek toy?
Harder question, q4, how to be sure to be the only one connected to my betfair account and my password not being used by someone else? This can be a question probably more to do with betfair people but I might doing here for safe in case you have answers


OCO Question

February 5, 2019
Hi Can anybody tell me if after making an OCO bet (example: Back at 5s and Exit at 3.5 stop 5.6 +3)
if the bet is made pre-race does the lay side of the bet remain in running?

UK account for Betfair/Betdaq?

February 4, 2019
Any solution for this problem ?

greening up very slow to action in running

February 4, 2019
Having a problem in the time it takes greening up on horses in running, how can i speed up the reaction as its taking around 4 secs from selecting to green to get the action completed. thats just pants!

UK Licensed Bookies

February 3, 2019
List of best UK Licensed Bookies you can find here:


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