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How to automatically make the program bet at the best odd available

December 18, 2018
If I understand you correctly, the answer is no.

Duvidas: tecla de atalho e stake

December 18, 2018

Estou com os seguintes problemas:

1-) Vejo que todos os que usam o software conseguem ordenar os cavalos pela odd atual usando a barra de espaço (ex: se há 5 colunas e cavalos com odd num dado momento de 2,8,4,20 e 400, basta apertar espaço e fica 2,4,8,20,200).

No entanto isso não ocorre apertar espaço o que ocorre é que apenas as colunas se reorganizam de maneira que a odd atual de cada cavalo fica no meio dela (exemplo, se mostra as odds de 5.7 a 2.9 e a odd está em 2.5, ao apertar espaço vai aparecer as odds de 2.92 a 2.02).

Como faço para também haver a reorganização de colunas entre si pelo valor das odds em ordem crescente?

2-) Como podem ver na imagem no link abaixo, eu coloco a stake para lay no valor 20 e ainda assim quando aposto aparece 40.

Como resolvo isso?


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Who is a better tennis player?

December 18, 2018
Who so you think is a better player in their prime?

Roger Federer or Novak Djokovic

Dna star vegas - api

December 18, 2018
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Best Sports Stadiums

December 16, 2018
Any suggestions for the world's best sports stadiums (non-football)?

What kind of sports do you do?

December 16, 2018
Football and Tennis

betfair real time

December 16, 2018
No it doesn't.

Weight of money settings?

December 16, 2018

I understand the concept of weight of money but I dont understand these particular settings in the app, visual options->weight of money->empty tick threshold/weight threshold?


Tick offset when taking SP

December 15, 2018
Hi, Sorry if this has been asked before. when I set my order to take SP the tick offset does not fire and I have to put it on manually.
Is there a setting to keep the tick offset in play when the SP is taken? Any help would be appreciated.

Ladder interface - sort by traded volume

December 15, 2018
Hi, I was wondering if it is possible that when I click on a selection and my ladder opens up that instead of having them sorted by lowest to highest odds, have them sorted by highest to lowest traded vol?


Market Order?

December 14, 2018
Quote: Originally Posted by ninjanick Hello, when price is straight and it is a very liquid market, price can drift quickly in the final minutes, is there a way to get into the market at current price with one click? No limit order.

I find myself chasing price trying to just get my stake in as quickly as possible but price takes off too quickly to get full stake in or get the meat of the move.

I would like to click one button and get my full stake in at the current available price(s).

Main Menu -> Confirm Bets -> Off | Safety | On

ninjanick horsies

December 14, 2018
Got £22 win. Waited for the drift then took a counter trend retracement.

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User Profile Shortcut Key

December 13, 2018
That's a shame if so. I came across from a competitor because I prefer the The Toy's UI. It does lack a few tools like this that'd be really useful and much improve the user experience. I guess it's cost to implement vs new clients it would bring in. There'll come a tipping point for sure. For now I'll probably end up using both bits of software for different needs.

Australian Government Reviewing In Play Gambling

December 13, 2018
I heard that gambling was legalized in Japan. Is it true? As far as I know, Japanese gambling machine pachinko has been allowed before.

IQ option

December 11, 2018
I would like to know more about IQ option. Does anyone have experience with the broker? Do you have any good tips for me?

Jockey claim

December 11, 2018
Just to be sure;

Age & Weight ______ Jockey Claim ______ Actual Weight Carried

6 / 12-3 _____ 7 _____ 11-10
7 / 11-7 _____ 0 _____ 11-7
6 / 11-8 _____ 0 _____ 11-8
9 / 10-11 _____ 3 _____ 10-8
12/ 11-12 _____ 5 _____ 11-7

Just wanted to clarify that the weight as shown in the Runner Info section in Geeks Toy
is the weight before the claim.
Good to take note of Apprentice with a 10 lb claim when trading in-play.

Enjoy !!!

Do you reckon Warren Buffett would be in the top 0.5% on Betfair?

December 10, 2018
I'm going with no. Warren Buffet is a value investor, and i think he would hate it.

Setting default stake type to liability

December 9, 2018
Legend, I was missing activating the staking menu within Show/Hide. Slowly getting there with getting everything setup, there's just a lot of settings to find.


Can I place bets as normal through GT?

December 6, 2018
What i mean is..

Does it still work as a normal bet when i place a back?

In other words, can i gamble using GT instead of BF website?



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