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Crash Bug

January 15, 2019
Estou com esse problema quando tento abrir o programa. Como corrigir? Attached Thumbnails  

Calculate market entry coefficient

January 14, 2019
Hi folks! My question is about trading. How calculate market entry coefficient if i know opening odds and closing odds is there any formula? Thanks

HELP - Historical data, calculate lay odds from back odds 3 or more selections

January 13, 2019
Betfair Historical data files, comes only with back prices.
For me it's ok with markets of 2 selections,ex:

Market Under/Over 2.5
Under Back Price 1.73 ---> Under Lay Price ???
Over Back Price 2.26

I can calculate "Under Lay Price" inverting the "Over Back Price 2.26"

(1/2.26)*100 = 44.25% ---> 100% - 44.25% = 55.75% ---> 100/55.75 = 1.79 Done

But when more than 3 selections I can't calculate so far. Ex:

Only Back Prices given from Betfair Historical data files

Home 2.20 Away 3.50 Draw 3.30
Home 45.46% Away 28.57% Draw 30.30%

Now how to calculate the Lay prices based on the back prices?

Thanks in advance!

PS: The result Lay Prices I know they are Home 2.38, Away 3.9 and Draw 3.6.

Over - Football - live - 1.54

January 11, 2019
I dont see it as gambling as far as you follow your strategy. Can be profitable though but you need to select your matches carefully. This is not my style but there is guy called psychoff (publishing on twitter) laying unders while watching the matches. Check him out.
Good luck.

Weird looking Toy

January 10, 2019
What was your old look? Did you save a profile?

Betfair - New version 1.4o released

January 9, 2019
Running betfair 1.4o, everytime I open the Betfair live feed, the whole market just hangs until the windows has loaded.

I never used to have this problem.


Auto bet and auto hedge

January 8, 2019
Hi guys. Wondering if anyone here could help me. How do I set up geeks toy so that if I wanted it to automatically back a horse at 2.00 in play and then to limit my losses say it went out to 3.00 to hedge me out at that price?

All help appreciated.


January 8, 2019
HI, can you let me know if you can flip flop the back and lay side on the ladder interface. i.e: the lay side on the right hand side and back on the right.
Also the hedge column is red when in a negative position but grey when in a positive position, is it possible to make it green when in a positive position.

I am using the Betdaq version of Geeks.

Kind Regards Gavin

Does your natural mental make up make you a good or bad trader ?

January 8, 2019
If you knew that you would lose some percent of your athletic ability from doing 15 CM total LL over two different bone sections, what percent of loss would be acceptable to you for those 15 CM as a trade off?

Your experience with trading?

January 7, 2019
Hello everyone
I would like to start and after reading some good information here I think I have the knowledge to make some good profits. Now before I deposit some money I would like to know some things like:
- What is your experience with trading?
- Has anyone been cheated on deposit?
- Is iQ Option a good, secure broker and is there a better broker than iQ option?
- I have read many reviews, with mostly positive feedback. But it's this 10 % that really scares me...

Error Message

January 3, 2019
Half an hour later and suddenly log in works fine.

I don't have a clue what that was about, but I'thought I'd take this opportunity to say what a fantastic program The Geeks Toy is. I so rarely have an issue that this reminded me of how grateful I am. The Geek rules!


January 1, 2019
Amazing !!!

The Geek made it soo fast...did not expected this issue to be fixed today....BIG thanks !

It works...can confirm it now.........

Sports Statistics

December 31, 2018
Detailed Statistics for different Sports you can find here:

Rating of TOP 100 Bookmakers

December 31, 2018
Rating of TOP 100 Bookmakers in the world you can find here:

Premier League football strategy

December 30, 2018
Quote: Originally Posted by AlienSquare The position of the teams I consider a bit, now near to the end of the season. But not so much, because if a team is playing bad there is nothing they can do against a team that is playing good football.
Regarding the number of matches, I use last 10 years. From the end of the season till the begining of next, we have a small gap but it does not matter much. Why? Because a team like City, or Arsenal, or Crystal will manage to play "about the same". What I mean, is that the error i think will be small, and system will readjust after first 10 rounds, anyway.
Last round I got 2% profit in average per each game

For the round in premier league, will give 4/10 games predictions:

Southampton Chelsea - 2. Southampton is playing very bad at home, and currently they are in a low form. Chelsea are also a bit low, but expect to have more chances for winning that the Southampton has for a win or draw. Expect 1-2

Burnley Leicester - X. The 2 teams are too alike in their results this year, but also in form. A draw is favorable to take, given the good odds. Expect 1-1

Crystal Palace Brighton 1. Crystal has the edge this game because: 1. their stats is better; 2. they play at home; 3. Brighton this season managed to score only 0.5 goals per game while playing away, suggesting they play very bad when away. Expect 2-1

Swansea Everton X. It can go in favor for Swansea as they have an small edge here, but I think the non-football of Everton will conclude the draw. Expect 1-1

Best of luck.

AlienSquare Thanks a lot, it is interesting to read your strategy!

Market Overview issue

December 30, 2018
Hi there

I am a new user and have searched all the FAQ but cannot find a solution

The problem I have is that I cannot view the Market Overview graph. It appears as highlighted in a sub menu under show/hide but does not appear in my pre-race set up

If someone could point me in the right direction that would be much appreciated


Sweden and the new gabling regulation

December 28, 2018

I wonder how the new Swedish gaming regulations will affect my possibility to use Geeks Toy together with Betfair from 2019?

Will it still be possible to use Geeks when the new site launches 1 January 2019?

betfair void bet

December 23, 2018
hi last night psg vs nantes football match,
just after half time the score said 1-0 , so i cashed out on the geek toy ladder, profit coloumn showed bet was matched.
I then noticed score went back to 0-0 , i checked my betfair account and it said void bet, my bet was still running.

Should i allways check my bettfair account to confirm ?
And also how could i reset the geek toy ladder as profit column should now not confirm profit.

automatically open market choice

December 22, 2018
hi is it possible to set over/under 2.5 goals to open automatically when i choose a football match?
or to remove all the other option like match odds/netx goal etc.

Caan Berry Vid, short term + long term traded vol?

December 19, 2018
Hi, I watched a vid of Caan berry and his traded volume bars show both long and short term.

I've looked in the manual but cant find where it is, does anyone know?


Link to vid.


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