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Asian Tipster 2017

October 15, 2017 Asian handicap Tips and estimations. Not bad

Online Gambling in Ireland

October 14, 2017
There is an opportunity to get bonus from william hill for betting on sports and games in the casino itself, this is an excellent opportunity to increase your chances of success. I really enjoy playing in this casino and I recommend it to you.

Stream down

October 12, 2017
Sorry guys, just saw this problem is already documented, I will read up on it .

Can we tackle low liquidity with multi-market betting?

October 11, 2017
Is it possible to use GTA to places bets on any given exchange that we are registered to?

Just thinking that this would tackle low liquidity issues in "new" exchanges and allow premium charges to be bypassed...

Using a VPS over a longer period of time?

October 9, 2017
JcDenton could you send me some tips too? :) I need some advise from someone with knowledge like you :)

Geeks deixa de funcionar ao fim de 30 minutos

October 8, 2017
Ao fim de 30 minutos os Geeks bloqueia e fecha o programa. Tenho Windows 10 e uso o Bitdefender.
Alguém sabe de uma solução sem ser desligar o Bitdefender (como já vi noutro tópico)??

Geeks deixa de funcionar após 30m

October 8, 2017

Também estou a ter o mesmo problema: ao fim de 30 minutos os Geeks desliga e fecha o programa. Também uso o Bitdefender.
Alguém sabe de uma solução sem ser desligar o Bitdefender??

Crash bug 1.4o

October 4, 2017
Hello everyone,

I have problem with my Geeks Toy. I have two different desktop computers:
Number 1
Intel Core i7 5820, Asus X99 MB, 64GB DDR4, NVMe SSD Samsung*960). I use Windows 10 Pro 64bit - version 1703, build 15063.608**(Creators*update)
On this PC Geeks Toy 1.4o works fine without any issues, not tested on markets with a lot of selections
Number 2
Intel Xeon 2630 v4, Asus Z10 PE D16 WS, 64GB DDR4 ECC RAM, SSD Samsung 850 Pro,*Windows 10 Pro 64bit - version 1703, build 15063.608**(Creators*update)

On PC Number 2 Geeks Toy 1.4o and 1.4l beta, tested escpecialy on football markets with a lot of selection where I manually choose selections Geek toy falls down aproximately once per day during whole day trading, with crash bug printscreened in the attachment of this post.

I think the Geeks toy falls down during right mouse click on Ladder view for manual selection filtering. In one case I saw only title of the Ladder (same as when you double click on the market for minize it), but in this case I could not open it and after few minutes aproximately 5 minutes (it is weird ursualy bugs are very fast or instant) I saw that all my opened grids and ladders are gradually closing and in the end closes main navigation window and then I saw Crash bug message box.

I used geek toy this way for aproximatelly last 2 years and first date when I saw Crash bug is 23.9.2017. If you want I could send you printscreen of my last installed windows updates?

I appreciate any help this error is very unconvient for me especially when I manually choose selections it takes me 3-4minutes per market of hard work with a lot of clicks. If I prepare 8 markets this way and then my Geek Toys falls down my f word counter didnt stops at number one. Attached Thumbnails  

Bookmakers that accept Cryptocurrency

October 3, 2017
Here you can see a List of TOP 20 Bookmakers that accept Cryptocurrency:

Audio corruption on Toy v1.4o

October 2, 2017
Hi there. Since loading the above version I have a corrupt sound effect at periodic intervals. Mainly at the start of inplay, where several Cartoon effect Daffy Duck phrases can be heard from time to time. Support advised I had my Audio channels open, but have closed all these and still have this happening. Tried erasing 1.4o and reloading 1.4n which I previously had installed without these noises and interference but same thing happening, which is very annoying. Can anyone offer any help on this please?

Good soccer site??

October 2, 2017
Here you can find a List of quick links with Statistics for all popular competitions in different sports:

Useful stats site

October 2, 2017
List of links with Soccer Stats is also available here:


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