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Betfair Event: 3 Pro's 1 Day (Highlights)

February 25, 2019
Quick recap of the day we recently put on with a myself and two other Geeks Toy traders!

Free BF apps for your mobile or Ipad

February 25, 2019
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Welcome newbies!

February 22, 2019
Is there a way to automate so that no matter what happens I can never ever go in play on horse racing.

I'm doing well 10 or 12 races in a row making small steady profits then losing 20 -25 races worth of profits when I end up stuck in play and the horse tails off in the rear so I can't lay it or bolt's up by 20 lengths when I need to back it.

If I can't solve this problem I don't see how I can continue with this frustration (never mind the overall losses)

Horse Racing in OZ

February 22, 2019
The spotlight moves across to Caulfield this Saturday with the running of the Group 1 Blue Diamond Stakes and Oakleigh Plate as well as the Futurity Stakes. Two year olds contest the Blue Diamond for $1.5m in prizemoney. The favourite here is Loving Gaby and I simply cant see it winning this race.
I believe there is better value beyond the favourite in Lyre, Hawker Hurricane and/or Brooklyn Hustle. Its a tough race that history shows has been won by a two year old with blistering pace that sits up in the top two front runners.
Main race at Rosehill is the time honoured Hobartville Stakes where they run around for some $400k in prizemoney. The favourite here is The Autumn Sun who seems to have this set weights race at his mercy.
Here are the selections for today which will be updated after scratchings come through.

R1 no 2 Sikandarabad Won $3.80
R3 no 1 I Am A Star
R4 no 2 Angelic Ruler 2nd
R5 no 7 Terbium is the value here...each way @ 12/1 or better Won $11.40
R6 no 11 Alizee.. Won $2.80..thought Ringerdingding had a rough hope at $17 or better.
R7 no 7 Lyre... Won $8.80...hard race with plenty of chances
R8 no 5 Bons Away. 4th...each way at $16 or better.
R9 no 8 Avilius..Won $2..Looks a good thing in the get out stakes!!

R1 no 2 Burning Crown 4th
R2 no 7 Faretti .......Think the odds on fav Tassort 2nd is a risk here
R4 no 7 Seaway Won $2.50
R5 no 1 The Autumn Sun Won
R6 no 4 So 5 Golden Tycoon 4th is the danger
R7 no 7 I Am Serious.. 2nd..will be hard to beat

R1 no 2 Raay Of Dreams 2nd
R3 no 1 Dreams A Plenty.........Brains 4th is the danger
R5 no 11 Dominant Crown.....interstate visitor..each way bet at $11 or better

R2 no 5 Niccovi Won
R4 no 4 American Joy 3rd
R5 no 4 Fabergino Won
R6 no 1 Star Exhibit Won $2.35
R7 no 2 Dam Ready
R8 no 2 Midnight Sky 2nd

MR7 No 10 Loving Gaby Ran unplaced. Lay bet won
SR2 no 3 Tassort Started $1.85 Fav. Ran 2nd. Lay bet Won.

Cheers n Beers.

Betfair / Geeks Toy & VPN - markets don't load anymore

February 21, 2019
Quote: Originally Posted by MKGhandi check you location after launching the vpn. May be the vpn is not working on the app. I am using a UK vpn which is powered by ivacy vpn (Singapore based company) I can access BetFair from China and Australia with this vpn. Try it out, its cheap $2 per month. Thanks for the solution i would love to use FastestVPN.

Обновление коэффициентов в GeeksToy

February 20, 2019
Всем привет. Столкнулся с такой проблемой, обновление коэффициентов до лайв и в лайве происходит один раз 3-4 минуты или только тогда, когда открываешь новый рынок. Писал в тех. поддержку GeeksToy и Betfair. Geekstoy валит на Betfair, Betfair пишет, что все ок. GeeksToy стоит на двух компах, одно и тоже. Betdriver например обновляет коэффициенты нормально. У кого-нибудь была такая ситуация и что делать? Спасибо, буду благодарен за помощь.

Betfair API Upgrade

February 20, 2019
Anyone using old 1.3 versions of the software will need to upgrade to the 1.4 versions.

Also, anyone using any windows version older than windows 7, will need to get a new computer.

IN play 3 2 1 countdown for horse racing REPOST .. PLEASE HELP

February 19, 2019
A bit disappointed that GT staff have not replied, my other question has also not be answered.

Re IN running for Horse Racing

Please can someone explain why this countdown shows on occasions ONLY... Usually it places bets in-running no problem but sometimes I place an in-running bet and then it counts down 3-2-1 then places the bet, which is a lot slower than normal. What is this and why is it doing it , my internet connection if very fast 350 Mb. what should I do to stop it, I have searched everywhere for an answer. PLEASE Help.

Works fine on ***** and BA but really want to stick with GT.


Weenax: cashback for ecoPayz up to 1%, Gold free status and other bonuses

February 19, 2019
Clients of the British payment system ecoPayz have a unique opportunity to work with the account thanks to the company Weenax. We monthly return to your account up to 1% of all deposits from the wallet in any of the merchants:
- bookmakers offices;
- online casino;
- poker room;
- Forex brokers.

Thus, part of the money is guaranteed to return to the account, regardless of how you dispose of them on another site. The cashback is credited from the 15th to the 25th day of each calendar month.

The amount of remuneration is determined based on the total amount of deposits made during the month.
up to € 50k - 0.6%
from € 50 thousand to € 100 thousand - 0.8%;
from 100 thousand - 1%.
The minimum cashback amount is $ 5, and the maximum amount is unlimited. If you have not collected $ 5 in a month, the cashback is not charged.

You have 1000 dollars. For example, for 1 month you can "roll" this money 20 times. Ie replenished - removed - replenished, and so on. The total amount of deposits per month is obtained - $ 20,000 x 0.6% = $ 120.
And what did we get in the end? Having only 1000 dollars, you receive for a month - 12% of passive earnings! Not bad money for such a small bank, right?

Consider a slightly different option.
You have $ 5,000 in your hands. “Scrolling” this money even 11 times in a month (in order to get a higher return percentage) - the total amount of deposits per month will be 55,000 dollars x 0.8% = 440 dollars.
Ie having $ 5,000 - your real passive income is $ 440!

When working with us, you also get free:
- Gold status for your ecoPayz account,
-the ability to pass verification in 2 hours,
-free transfers within the system,
-the ability to replenish your account using Bitcoin for free,
- full support with our VIP-managers who will quickly solve your problem and much more.

This expands the capabilities of the wallet, reduces commissions, raises limits (and sometimes removes them completely).
For a regular user, obtaining the status takes a lot of time and effort (you need to replenish the account from the card with a total of € 2,500 and make deposits from the wallet with a total of € 25,000). Instead, it is better to submit an application in Weenax and on preferential terms get the maximum status - VIP (replenishing the account in total by € 10,000 for any term).

Both Gold and VIP are issued for life, and not for a limited time, as in other payment systems.

For all questions regarding ecoPayz, contact Weenax Technical Support. It provides an individual approach to all issues and will become a real guide in the world of payment systems.

> Become a member of the Weenax loyalty program and receive substantial passive income

Our contacts:
Website -
Support Mail -
Cooperation and any suggestions -
Telegram - @ psv23 Attached Thumbnails  

Не могу войти в программу

February 19, 2019
Quote: Originally Posted by The Geek Please contact us here with the error message. Заработало.
Сегодня вошел без проблем.

Goals in the 1st 15 minutes stats

February 17, 2019
Hello everyone,

First post on this site.

I am looking for some help in the way of finding information on games that have a goal in the first 15 minutes.

If there is a goal in the 1st 15 minutes then how often is at least one more goal scored.

I have looked on most of the stats sites and cannot find a thing.

Just wondered if there is some sort of database that can do this for me and where it is.



Introduce yourself!

February 16, 2019
Hi all,

I'm a keen amateur poker player and I've been doing matched betting for about 4 years. I’ve known about Betfair trading for a while, but only very recently have I started trying it. (18th Jan)

I’m not afraid to admit that I’m doing my bollox so far but I don’t wish to digress from my “hello” post. (I’ll find a suitable place on the forum to ask for advice on that shortly)

My "real job" is two things really.

One, I own and run several websites one of which is quite successful, and it requires minimal input from me now. Though I worked damn hard to get it where it is now.

And two; I’m a Domain name trader. I specialise buying/selling domain names and that’s really picked up for me in the last 12 months.

Unlike Betfair trading I have a definite edge with Domain name trading so for me it’s a lot less risky that trying to scalp some rubbish night race at Wolverhampton!

Because I work 98% from home it means I spend a lot of time on my PC and I do the matched betting when there are some decent offers on.

Since I started the Betfair trading I’ve really got hooked on it and love it. If I could just start making consistent money at it, I’d be as happy a pig in muck.

IN play 3 2 1 countdown

February 16, 2019
Re IN running for Horse Racing

Please can someone explain why this countdown shows on occasions ONLY... Usually it places bets in-running no problem but sometimes I place an in-running bet and then it counts down 3-2-1 then places the bet, which is a lot slower than normal. What is this and why is it doing it , my internet connection if very fast 350 Mb.


[Feature Request] Profit/Loss Column showing % instead of $

February 14, 2019
Is it possible to introduce a new feature where I can choose to show the percentage of my stake in Profit/Loss column instead of it's actual value?

That would helps a lot when I'll raise the stakes I use to work.

Did not loading markets

February 13, 2019
Обнови прогу, мне помогло.

Did not loading markets

February 13, 2019
Same problem here. UK costumer. Any news?

Frozen market even with unlocked account

February 13, 2019
Hello everyone of the toy Geeks my account was limited in betfair and a yellow line with frozen market appears in my geekstoy program, yesterday they removed that limitation and continue that yellow line and the freezing of the market in my geekstoy, I tested another program the Traderline and is it working perfectly and then only the geekstoy still presenting this problem can help me?

Joel Percar Attached Thumbnails  

Where are you from?

February 11, 2019
Quote: Originally Posted by dobiarz Let know, where are members of Trading Community from. Sri Lanka (mainly)

Confused when scalping

February 11, 2019
Hi, Just starting and try to do lots of small scalps for small stakes to get experience in scalping. problem is I get confused with the number of bets i Have made over time on a runner as the max bets that can show on ladder footer is 10 and in profit and loss they display in no order so sometimes dont know if I should lay or back in the next bet, any suggestions in how I can clarify my current position at any one time. Cheers


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