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Updated: 8 hours 15 min ago

geeks toy keeps jamming

June 17, 2018
For some reason geeks toy keeps jamming. It has happened four times in a row now and each time i have to shutdown my laptop. It is happening on each UK horse race im trying to scalp pre race on practice mode. If i was using live mode i would be loosing money because of this.

Betfair historical data- how to turn the files into spreadsheeets or charts?

June 14, 2018
The files you can download from Betfair come in tar.bz2 files and in json format and need to be parsed apparently. How can I do that? I downloaded a month's worth of free files to see what they look like and there's 10's of thousands of files all in what looks like computer language. I'm not a programmer, so I'm not sure how to go about parsing them. Cheers.

query on data stats

June 11, 2018
Hi guys I'm looking on the geekstoy app but i don't see anywhere where i can pull stats of how the prices moved (even if it's for the current days races). I would like to get data with price intervals of like 1 second to check how the prices moved. Is there some way i can do this with yourselves?



June 10, 2018
Hi i need help setting up a strategy for geekstoy.

I want to do the following: i want to to put a laybet on a horse in a race a few minutes before the start at the lowest odds available automatically is this possible to do and how do i do this?


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