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Multi Bet issue with un/matched bets

March 12, 2019
Just started with GT and very impressed with the speed and general user friendliness. I do have a query which has been raised before.

The following thread was started back in Feb 2017. Whereby it was possible to lose a lot of money due for the unwary.

I do believe there is a glitch with the software when using the Multi-Bet tool. When using the stop entry and you configure it so that if any horse price drops to, say 1.1, it triggers a back bet at 1.1 or less, there are occasions when some of the bets are placed at 1.01 (no pending the price drop) so these bets get matched at their best price. It tends to happen to outsiders so you have matched bets at high prices with little chances of winning! Thank goodness I have only been using training mode so far, otherwise I would be £100s out of pocket. In any market it tends to pick on the same horses if you enter the bets again. It also tends to happen quite frequently with non UK and Irish races, but occasionally with these also.

I have found a work around. Before you lace the back bet, switch to lay bets, some of the bets will be placed at 1.01 and of course don't get matched. You can then choose to untick these in the selection and place the back bets at the same price. Not forgetting to cancel all lay bets. Or you could choose not to place bets on that race at all.

Anyone else noticed this?

Online Gambling in Ireland

March 11, 2019
By the way, i may also to advice interest article about rewiev of services of online poker Very useful article, and updates and reviews appear regularly:)

GeeksToy under Linux

March 7, 2019
Hi Harry .... i'm sorry but i haven't informations about your problems yet and i need to know about a "How to" Geeks toy Linux installation. Could you help me please ? Thanks for attention !

Skrill send money problems

March 5, 2019
Hi. For over a week now I can't send money to anyone with my skrill account. There is: "something went wrong. There has been an error in processing your request". I sent an email to them and they told me to clear my browser history or wait 48h. I did all that but it didn't help :/ Does onyone have similar problem with his skrill account?

Global Sports Betting

March 5, 2019

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Greyhound trading blog

March 4, 2019
Hi all, hope this is the right place to post this. I have been trading for around a year now and have been playing about with greyhounds mostly. I struggle with inconsistency mainly. one day i can be in profit but the next i can wipe it all out and this can repeat itself many times over.

So the thinking is if i start this blog and post the results it will focus my mind that i will be posting my results at the end of everyday.

would anyone be interested in a blog like this? let me know your thoughts or if you have any hints or tips to give! :)


Looking for a secure broker?

March 4, 2019
Hello everyone
For a while I'm trying to find a secure broker on internet whose software runs on Linux. Mainly I trade Forex and CFDs. Yesterday I tried to install the MT4 on my computer, but it was a bit complicated for me. That's why I wanted to ask here if someone can recommend me a not so complicated broker.

Naps Competition April 2017

March 4, 2019
What happened to Cran?

[Feature Request] Markets overview tool

March 4, 2019

As a horse trader I would like to have a tool where I could check the markets in the morning (and keep an eye throughout the day). Something that allows me to see (and sort) where is the money going to, how many runners, racing type and other market specifics (maybe with customizable columns and periodic auto refresh). From there I could add selected markets to "My markets".

If abstract and customizable enough I believe this could be useful to other sports too.

Any feedback would be great.

Thank you.

Great trades to all!

A Couple of Issues on Version 1.4p

March 4, 2019
Hi Morgan,Your using version 1.4p? isnt the latest 1.4o or has there been an update.


March 3, 2019
its lagging so bad the Honda Classic Golf tournament, 150 players impossible to trade this with Geekstoy what a waste

Layouts inplay Vs Financial - Difference?

March 3, 2019
Hi Can anyone tell me the difference between inplay layout an financial layouts - they look the same to me .

Best way to hide my IP address

March 3, 2019
To hide IP, the most secure way is to use RDP

See, Tampa

Fastest streaming way via Internet

March 2, 2019
6 years on any better solution? cricket and tennis I need to be inside the 5 seconds inplay delay, cant install a dish any advice??

Betfair: Gamble and Earn Huge Profits

February 28, 2019
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Инструкции по использованию Geeks Toy

February 27, 2019
Ничего не менял. Ничего не ставил.
Пользуюсь уже не первый год.
Никакие настройки не менял.
Пару дней назад всё было нормально, а сейчас такая ерунда:

Пишет: Ошибка логина
Но логин верный!!!
Всё вводится верно и на сайте фаера вхожу.
У всех такая фигня или только у меня?
Что это может быть?

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From own app manage Show/Hide selection in grid view

February 27, 2019
Hi Guys,

I have my own apps for analytics from Betfair markets, so I have BF market, selection (runner), event, comptetion ids and more data...

What I want:
For me will be very helpful somehow send command from my app to Geeks toy, and it will programatically show or hide selections in opened grid view.

most of my markets were handled by my app, but sometimes when market goes wild I need to trade manually (and there is Geeks toy very strong), but that switch in my case is slow, because it takes relatively long time to hide or show selections.

I started to think about it when I read thread on this forum, where someone tried to place betfair exchange bets through Geeks toy to public thread (The Geek made it for that person in some beta release of Geek toy) if I understand well that discussion. Has anyone done anything like that? I realy appreciate any help.

Thank you

Windows 10 problem

February 27, 2019

I installed geeks on windows 10 but the program image seems unfocused or blurred..can you help? I ran troubleshooting from windows it tries to run in windows XP,7 and 8 mode but problem persists

thank you

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