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anyone got any laying approaches

March 27, 2018
Hi all,
I have done quite well over the years using the inflated SP's on BF to turn a quiet profit,but these have all been bets.I have never done much with actual laying.Anyone here have any good approaches to laying.I am not really interested in trading,its impossible to make that pay,but laying I assume with the right approach could make regular(if small) returns.
One method I have been speculating with is strong favourites.Inevitably with these the margin between SP and BF is narrow,but I have lost count of the number of times I have seen BF match the eventual SP and sometimes even come in under the SP.Might be an opportunity there somewhere.
Anyone here exploited strong favs.
cheers al

University survey

March 26, 2018

I am currently working at the Nottingham Trent University (UK), and we are recruiting participants for a online survey on Internet use which could lead us to help people with a current addiction issue. If you are between 16 and 25, it would really help us if you could complete it (this survey should only take about 15 minutes, excluding section C which could build up to 20 minutes).

This survey will precisely measure your behaviour over Internet use combining different information about yourself, such as individual data (i.e. age, sex), personality characteristics, active engagement with online applications on a daily basis, and behaviours/feelings that you may have been experiencing due to Internet overuse. Finally, we will ask you to set moderation goals mostly applicable and desirable by you.

Link for the survey: Click here

Thank you for your time!

Filip Nuyens.

Betdaq & Matchbook versions

March 25, 2018
I know there is a Training mode in the Betfair version, is there one in the Betdaq and Matchbook versions ?

Horse Racing in OZ

March 23, 2018
Plenty of action around today with the highlights being the $3.5m Golden Slipper race for 2 year olds and the $1m George Ryder Stakes where Winx dominates the betting.
Eagle Farm racecourse is a mess as no one seems able to solve the problem of laying suitable turf down so racehorses can run on it. And there is growing concern over whats going to happen to betting when a turnover tax is introduced shortly. Mergers and takeovers have seen the ranks of Corporates reduced so the future betting landscape here is not all that rosy. Sports betting is still on the up and poker machines continue to be popular however racing turnover is flat. Interesting times ahead!!
Here are todays selections and as usual will try and update as the day proceeds.
Good luck with your investments.

R1 no 3 I Am Excited Won $4.20
R2 no 3 Karavali
R4 no 1 Gailo Chop Won $2.25
R5 no 4 Winx Won
R7 no 10 Sunlight 3rd...danger is No 1 Written By 4th...throw in No 6 Ef Troop for the trifecta.
R9 no 3 Sugarbella 2nd

R6 no 2 Mr Marbelllouz Won
R7 no 6 Criquette 3rd
R9 no 8 Dont Leave Me Out

R4 no 5 Freehearted
R6 no 2 Stellar Collision Won $6.50
R7 no 11 Kings Will Dream Won $2.50
R9 no5 Heptagon Won $7.50

SR3 no 6 Alward Ran 2nd. Lay bet won
MR2 no 7 Ashlee Marie Started Fav. Ran unplaced. Lay bet won
MR3 no 6 Gheeda Ran 2nd. Lay bet won

Cheers n Beers.

shortcut keys missing

March 19, 2018
Hi. Maybe this will help: Right click on ladder >Go to visual options > keyboard shortcuts.

For changing the keys you need to right click on main menu > Show/Hide >Shortcut key manager.

tenner a day

March 19, 2018
Good luck! :cool:

back 2 lay help :)

March 17, 2018
i am a small time player at the moment practising with a real bank but i am sure i am doing something wrong..

this is what i am doing (only been using the bot two days) and i will explain where i think i am going wrong

i am placing a back on a horse (say £5 on the win)

i am then opening the ladder - and clicking on a lay price for the same horse so that as long as that lay in met in-running i make a small profit - £1/£2

but with a previous bot i used it would place the lay bet at the correct amount needed to = the profit if matched

geeks toy places a £2 lay

is there a way to back a selection and then lay that selection on the ladder where the stake calculation is done automatically so that x profit can be made if the lay bet is met ?



Hi all

March 16, 2018
Hello, my name is George. I am new here.

How would you trade out of this position?

March 14, 2018
Hi everyone,

I was wondering if any seasoned traders might be able to share their thoughts on the best way to trade out of this position...

I essentially have £50 on a game being 0-0 and a potential profit if £100, ie. equivalent back odds of 3.

What I was thinking of doing is the age old lay-the-draw for £100 and hedge out of that trade when a goal goes in...

... but is there a better way? Like another O/U goals market?

I just want to breakeven as was curious on what everyone thought was the best approach.

I can choose any game, so I can pick a game that might be most advantageous either pre-game or in-play.

Many thanks

Assessing over/unders bets

March 11, 2018
How does U2.5@1.89 equate to 1.89?

Help setting up geeks toy

March 9, 2018
I would suggest you read the manual to find out what Geeks Toy can do as it does many things

Automated soccer betting

March 9, 2018

Im new to doing software assisted betting/trading and are currently looking for a software that can help me do the following:

On a weekly basis I will select a number of specific soccer matches. If I can back a outcome at a certain odds that I define before kickoff I want the bet to be placed as soon as the odds requirement is meet. If this is not meet 10 min before kick-off I want to have set another (lower) odds requirment that will trigger a bet. If netiher of the two defined odds requirements are meet the bet should not be placed.

(Hope that makes sense? If not please feel free to ask for clarification)

Is the above something that geeks toy software can handle?


March 9, 2018
If you tried everything then how can anyone help you? Have you tried saving your GT setting and then reinstall GT?

Internet Issues/Slow responses - some useful sites

March 8, 2018
There have been numerous posts over the years here about differing ping speeds to Betfair API.

Tested recently using psping, I'm getting average of 12ms from both a Tagadab VPS Windows 2016 Server (London) and Amazon VPS Windows 2016 Server (Dublin).

Are there any faster? I thought Dublin would be faster than London?

Kdor ne skaČe ni slovenc

March 7, 2018
Quote: Originally Posted by andrejt Sej pa je logično, da mora customer support tak odpisat, ker če ne bi, bi imeli pravne težave :)

Zaenkrat dela zadeva normalno preko VPNja.... Kaj uporabljaš star slovenski account in si na betfair povezan z VPNjem? Je nakazovanje denarja šlo brez problemov?

Ali pa imaš UK account od kolega in preko VPNja trejdaš v njegovem imenu?

Ostali uporabniki, kako ste rešili situacijo?


March 6, 2018
If you open the ladder, you can see what it will be your profit/loss for every price on the ladder. So if you back the draw at 1.4 odds, it will show you the profit from 1.39 to 1.01. You can choose where you want to get out and let an unmatched bet at that price and wait to be matched.

Betfair - New version 1.4o released

March 5, 2018
Working well today. Thanks

What kind of sports do you do?

March 4, 2018
I think you'll find that the majority of users target Horse Racing or Football.


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