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Updated: 5 hours 24 min ago

Traded Volume showing incorrectly

March 30, 2020
Hi There,

I'm not sure if this is a bug or not so apologies if it's posted in the wrong place.

I've noticed alot lately that the traded volume isnt showing correctly, if you look at the first image attached:

At 3.35 there is 7.4k matched and the whole box is shaded Green, however all the other prices are almost fully shaded too but they only have around 2k matched.

3.50 only has 2.3k matched yet it's fulled shaded.

I've also attached a second image showing the same sort of thing.

Maybe I have something setup wrong, but the next few races I watched it all seemed fine and in proportion.

any advice?

Thank you

Phil Attached Thumbnails    


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