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Betfair - New version 1.4w released

June 21, 2020
Hi Geek,Not working for Aus currency.Can back for 0.50 but just cant lay.

Issues Hedging Up

June 20, 2020
I dont know why the image is so small :/

You cannot bet less than $4 !!!

June 20, 2020
Quote: Originally Posted by The other Geek looks like betfair made some changes yesterday, that broke the existing functionality for lay bets at small stakes.
Would have been nice if they had of told us of this BEFORE rolling it out, as it has affected hedging for everyone.

So far, there has been no response from betfair about this.

We are now looking into what we can do to work around this situation created by betfair.
Crazy that they can just change things without saying anything! Couldn't hedge my possitions yesterday, will it be the same today?

Can anyone help?

June 16, 2020
Have you tried sending them an email? They don't check the forum that often I think so best to email support directly to raise issues.

Market not loading

June 15, 2020
Sorry to hear that. It's still working for me and it's the only way I can load the races that don't show up under the Horses tab in Market Navigator. I'll report back if I find anything else that might help.

Fiaryhouse not showing in Market Navigator

June 15, 2020
Quote: Originally Posted by Soba Same here. I also reported on June 6th that the 5:30 at Lingfield was missing, so it's not apparently a new issue. That's the one. I had the same issue for that market you mention.

Market not loading

June 14, 2020
Everytime i open AGT and open any market it works fine and when i go to next horse race it doesnt open the ladder no matter how many times i i tried to open it, eventually i have to close and open it again to see the next market. its so frustrating. I have also tried the latest beta version AGT 1.4v but facing the same problem.

I am using AGT 1.4p, Windows 10 PRO Ver. 2004 BUILD 19041.329 Attached Thumbnails  

Install geeks toy on new computer

June 10, 2020
You can download the latest version here:

You don't need a new license.

Removing Scroll bar

June 8, 2020
Quote: Originally Posted by Bog What monitor size and screen resolution do you have? You don't need to remove the scroll bar to have more runners. You can use smaller font size or 2-3 ladder rows. I can have 30 ladders on 3 rows if I want, but you need a good computer if you don't want to experience lag. Absolutely doesnt matter how many ladders i display, if its more than 15 runners it will start lagging and 20 or more is its big lag no matter how slow the refresh times.
If I bet on a race or a tournament win market with more than 20 runners, I can display just one and have the exact same lag, it seems all other runners are loaded and refreshed at the same rate regardless o if they are displayed or not.
I have 32GB Ram, high end gaming computer, fibre internet, but is just nothing I can do to prevent lag if there are more than 15 runners.
Only setting that helps a bit is the Price refresh but even then I can set it to 1second and still get lag the more runners there are.
Can anyone confirm they dont have lag when trading markets with more than 15 outcomes? Anything to do about it?
Also back to the original question, can I not edit the settings code and set the width of the scroll bar to 0? Ive been changing the width of all the other columns to the minimum like that but not found a setting for scroll bar?


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