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No live horse racing

April 3, 2019
Hi there Lukas.

It is hard to understand what is really happening. Could you please be more clear or/and send pictures?

Are you saying that the markets don't even open? Any of them? Only horse racing?


April 1, 2019
My first prediction in this Thread. AFL, Round 3.

Adelaide Crows vs Geelong Cats (04.04.2019)

My pick: Geelong Cats to win with odds 2.17 in Marathonbet

Betfair - New version 1.4u released

April 1, 2019
We have released a new version for Betfair.

This release is to support the new Brazilian Real currency, plus support changes to USD currency.

You can download from here.

If you find any issues with the software, please report them in this forum.

Bets at Zero odds in 'training-mode'

March 31, 2019
Hi RManPT,

Thanks for the quick reply.

Quote: Originally Posted by RManPT I am 99.99% sure that would never happen in real mode. Great!

I'm looking forward to trading the races. :cool:

Any good poker books anyone?

March 29, 2019
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Archival betfair odds

March 27, 2019
Hello guys. Is there any site where I can see archival betfair odds changing during the match?

TWO features to IMPROVE geekstoy for Horse Race traders

March 25, 2019
FIRST - when a horse race is quite late(and at least 10 minutes) - the other races are happening, you do what - I you see that the next race is gonna be run, but the late is happening late - you jump to next race - trade it - and you want to return to the late race - and guess what - SURPRISE - it is removed (but didn't happend yet) from the list - PLEASE MAKE A FEATURE - that if the race is LATE - it STAYS there so you can return and trade it. So many races could be traded, but because they dissapear after some time - they fall out (or maybe they arent but I'm not that clever to dig deep into settings and find it - if it is possible). Reset timer of how long the races stay in the list or something - I believe it is not that hard to do - and in next update you could give us this feature

SECOND - sometimes some races havent finished, but the next one started - you switch to next town,but if the race has already begun, and you werent in in from 00:00 the racing timers line is EMPTY - it is very psychological that you have this marker to see how far the race has progressed, and when you have to exit. Is it possible to get this racingg timer running fro THAT SPOT WHERE IT SHOULD BE - even if you enetered the next towns race a bit late

Thank You

Taking sp on matchbook with geekstoy?

March 25, 2019

Matchbook doesnt offer the opportunity to bet at sp when betting on races (betfair does).

Is it possible to bet on sp (or on best availabe price few minutes/seconds before the off) when using geekstoy?

Opening Tennis markets hides Market and API status box

March 23, 2019
You are welcome, glad you are happy with the suggestion.

Yep, being able to have multiple profiles is essential.

A great day to you too.

Using a VPS over a longer period of time?

March 21, 2019
JcDenton - are you still out there? I’m sure I’m probably not the first person to bother but looking for a bit of help if possible.

Simple Feature Request - Recent Markets

March 21, 2019
When I want to see recent markets from the "Recent Markets" menu, I can open them only one by one at a time. I'd like to request a feature that would open all of my recent markets from the "Recent Markets" menu at once. Example: If I have 5 different Match Odds market in the "Recent Markets" menu, I'd like to be able to display that 5 markets with one click.

Struggling with entry points for favs

March 20, 2019
Hello guys & girls,

I'am new to the forum. So hello to everyone.

I have been struggling recently with entry points for players who I perceive have value (basically laying a false fav as I think the underdog will win). I've got my entry points down for laying bad servers, certain compression points and also 2 in-game strategies which seem to be working well (also based on bad servers).

When I see a dog who I think should be a fav (like Danilovic today against Sakkari) where should I look to enter. Laying the fav/backing the dog pre game or even at the very start of the game feels to much like punting to me. Or am I over-thinking things here?


Bet with offset based on the percentage of your stake

March 19, 2019
Hi guys.

Does anyone know if it is possible to put a bet with offset based on the percentage of your stake? Like if I place a back bet then it automatically places a lay bet with a predefined percentage hedge of the stake. For example - I place a 10$ back bet and I want to place a lay bet on the price which would give me 20% hedge on both sides.

Greyhound profile setup

March 19, 2019
Hi all

I am a newbie, just trying to figure out how to set up this software.

while exploring recently I came across a video that showed in detail ( with sound) how to create a greyhound pre-race trade set up.

I wish I had saved it ! does anyone know where I can find it?



most suitable browser ?

March 19, 2019
Well, I prefer to use Chrome instead of Firefox. The reason is that it's more user friendly and takes not much time to open. However, firefox takes too much time to open.

Help with the Manual

March 17, 2019
I'm looking for help with the Manual. There's a couple of things I can't find how to do - maybe I haven't looked hard enough. If not, sorry - but I'd still like some help.

1. On the Grid Layout - Advanced Betting.
Shows where the stake box is located - in the middle between back & lay prices.
How do you change the odds? There's no instruction.
Presumably when set, it's just one click in the relevant box to place the bet?

2. On the Multi-Bet Tool (Page 76 onwards).
I'm looking to set up my own automation, but it doesn't show how or whether this is possible.
Example - place a back bet of a defined sum at defined odds when a selection drops below certain odds.
Is this possible?


invalid bet size

March 17, 2019
Usually that happens when you need a bet greater than your available balance. How are you closing your bet?

Refresh Rate at about 3 minutes

March 15, 2019
What I thought, the account is still restricted.

Good trades!

What the F@@@ happened???

March 14, 2019
Hello everyone,

Have been using the geeks toy for some time now, currently at matchbook

I dont know what happened but i lost half of my bankroll and i dont know what happened, but almost got a heart attack !!!

The game is Krasnodar vs Valencia

I layed the draw at 2.06, in 85min Krasnodar score for 1:0, market is dead i cannot close for 1-2minutes than i have 60 to green i click it and it dissapears then 54 to close i click it again suddenly I have this HUGE AMOUNT ON THE LAY *1700 pounds* I dont know how it got matched since there was no action at all and i didnt place this bets, Valencia equalised in last second and i almost fainted, i have no idea what happened

everything is settled my money is gone and i feel like i am gonna die seriously

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Which fan for the office?

March 14, 2019
Lasko fans are one of the most quiet and efficient ones. Try Pedestal Fan with Remote Oscillation and Thermostat.

Get one at Fairfax.


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