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Removing an order

July 10, 2018
Hi There,

If I have my stake set to say £100 and I click to place an order in the market 3 times it obviously says £300 against that price on the ladder and sits waiting to be matched.

If I wanted to remove £200 and leave £100 on there, how do I do that?

Apart from removing the whole £300 and placing a new £100, is there a way to just remove part of what you put down if that makes sense?

Thank you


tick offset not working

July 9, 2018
after a place bet a set " all ip keep", should i selet this option or not?

Auto sort

July 9, 2018
Hi there... Just wondering if Geeks Toy auto sort for "near SP" and then "BSP" for last minute fav/2nd fav changes?
Love the software by the way and have done for years!

Newby traders: Don't get ripped off by successful traders

July 8, 2018
Successful traders are in direct competition with other traders. They have every reason NOT to give you help and advice. Be warned. Ask yourself. Why would a profitable trader share his profits with other people and end up with less money? No profitable trader in their right mind would do that.
Yes, they may give some basic information to get you interested, but never enough to be able to compete with them.

Profiles will not load - Maybe a restriction in Trial Edition?

July 3, 2018
Hi Thomas,

The settings folders are there for installation although we can't cater for the difference in screen sizes. My monitors are 2 x 27". In some instances this means that the pre-loaded profile (when activated) does creep off the edges of the screen.

In most cases you can change the window sizes with the tab at the bottom right of each window (e.g. the ladder). However, there have been one or two who have reported that their screen dimensions are so far off that they can't remedy this problem. Alternate options could be to;

1. Delete/Remove the extra settings folders. (and or re-install the toy if you prefer)
2. Create a custom profile of your own and copy over select settings sub-folders (would only advise this if you're comfortable doing that)


pop up windows close -- reopen market

June 29, 2018
i have problem with pop up windows. so before race start they clear a horse for example and then i can see a window like i attached. I heard that i can just click on this window and its reopen the same market (i dont need to search again this market to reopen). Can someone tell me where can i set it? So i just want to click to this window and the toy automatic reopen the same market where they cleared a horse. Attached Thumbnails  


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