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Last Sixty Seconds Traded

December 12, 2017
This feature has recently been added to the Toy, thankfully. Note that you'll need a recent version of 1.4 — I'm using 1.4o, and the feature works fine.

Right-click the ladders top bar to bring up the ladders menu.

First, make sure that you're showing bars rather than shading for traded volume: Traded Volume Type --> Bars.

That done, Visual Options --> Last Traded Bar History (Seconds) and make your selection, anything from the default zero (i.e. the feature is off) up to 5 minutes (300 seconds).

How to automate a back bet when odds drop in play?

December 10, 2017
Hi everyone

I'm new to Geek's Toy and have been doing a lot of research into offset betting, especially for horse racing. I want to back a horse in-play when it starts running strong and the odds drop. Is there an option in Geek's Toy to automatically place a back bet when odds drop to 5/1 for example? (I'm going to place a lay bet to offset against)

Thanks in advance :)


Hola, necesito consejos

December 8, 2017
Hola a todos, soy nuevo en este foro y necesitaba su ayuda, verna, mi esposa esta en la semana 11 de embarazo y estamos un poco cortos de dinero, necesitamos mucho para pagar todos los medicos y las cosas para el bebe, que llego de sorpresa, si ustedes pudieran darme algunos consejos para comenzar a apostar, se los agradeceria

Aggregate last amount matched and whether back or lay

December 8, 2017
I'm new to the software and this is my first post, so sorry if this has been asked before or discussed previously.

Is there any way, or any future potential, to display the last amount matched and accumulate this based on whether it was matched by a back bet or a lay bet (essentially traded volume, but split by trades that were completed as a result of back bets, and trades completed as a result of lay bets). There are lots of configurable columns in geeks toy and that seems a key strength of the software, so this would I guess be another feature like that?

The white numbers that flash up in the back column or lay column means for individual matched amounts it must be possible to split it out in that way, but it would be great to see the accumulation as it would be a good indicator of sentiment (showing if matched volume is increasing because people are backing the price or laying the price).

This would (in my opinion) be a great feature and would match up to a key indicator in day trading platforms on the financial markets.

Apologies if this is the wrong part of the forum to ask the question on.

I'm guessing the API doesn't provide this directly, so the software would need to build up the picture and display based on a calculated array (which would be useful as could then potentially rest this to zero at any given point in time to nicely track current sentiment).

Market Overview Lines Cutting Off

December 6, 2017
Quote: Originally Posted by DarkHorse Main Menu -> Streaming Chart History

If you have the Chart Range set to 180 seconds, set the Streaming Chart History to 3 minutes. That fixed it!

Thanks a million DarkHorse.

Horse Racing in OZ

December 1, 2017
Morning all. Today here in Oz the eastern seaboard is being hit hard by large quantities of unseasonable rain. As I write at least one meeting has been abandoned and others in the south if they do run will be on heavy tracks. Not ideal from a punting perspective however we will do our best to wade through the murky mire and endeavour to pick up a winner or three for you.
The best racing today is in Western Australia so I'll do the form there shortly and include some picks from there.
Selections will be posted shortly as the scratchings are known and if possible I'll update throughout the day.
Good luck with your investments:

R1 no 4 The Rumour File 2nd
R5 no 3 Pretty Fast Won $2.20
R8 no 5 Calandra 2nd......Snoopy 3rd is the each way value chance.

R1 no 7 Colombina 4th
R5 no 2 Redouble 4th
R7 no 4 Cabeza De Vaca......keep an eye on No 9 Mister Sea Wolf...2nd..Irish import that trialled well.
R8 no 4 Egyptian Symbol Won $5.50

R3 no 3 Toffee Nose
R4 no 6 Vinland Won $4.20

R3 no 6 Bold Success 4th
R4 no 3 The River Won $2.
R5 no 7 Fairtrusive
R7 no 8 State Solicitor

Mr3 no1 Mrs Gardenia Won $2.40. Lay bet lost
MR8 no 9 Nights Watch Won $3.30. Lay bet lost
SR6 no 4 Savapinski Ran unplaced. Lay bet won

Cheers n Beers

Newbie and can't log on any help please.

November 28, 2017
This should cure the error messages.

What version of Windows are you using? { If you are using XP or Vista, neither Microsoft or Geeks Toy support them anymore, so it wont work. }

No Traded Volume data showing, or Yellow Status showing in Market & API Status window

November 26, 2017
Did someone successfully get rid of the delay restriction before by contacting them?

Training Mode

November 25, 2017
Unfortunately I've got given delayed data after using the training mode for about 1 and a half week. I wasn't expecting this to happen. Honestly this should be highlighted in big red letters in the login window of Geeks Toy. I will try to resolve this by talking to Betfair support for some more (more precisely, the developer program department) on monday. No positive results so far.
By the way, any help would be appreciated about what to do in this case. In final case I'll just create another account.

Nenhum mercado está sendo carregado há mais de 24 horas

November 24, 2017
Há mais de 24 horas que meu Geeks não carrega nenhum mercado

Low league high amounts

November 19, 2017
Any idea whats going on here? I found couple of matches in Venezuelan second league. Traded amount d be almost nothing except one big bet per match matched. This seems to be repeating every few weeks.

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Betfair - New version 1.4o released

November 16, 2017
Yes it seems to have settled down. A couple Saturday's ago it was unusable for me, but it's fine at the mo.

Tick Offset shortcut key???

November 15, 2017
Any plans? Would be great.

версия 1.1f - с режимом обучения.

November 15, 2017
Реальные деньги сразу не ставлю, предпочитаю сначала наступить на виртуальные грабли, а не сразу на реальные

No Load Custom Profile option

November 14, 2017
Thank you will do

tenner a day

November 13, 2017
Quote: Originally Posted by bmj1491 i think im done with australian markets, its like im working hard to make betfair rich
19:43 200000130096741 2017-09-27
AUS Turnover Chg ADJ77 - wk start 18-SEP-17 - - - (122.17) Hi bmj149,

Recently I also received this betfair charge "turnover": Bulk Crediting Debit - DEBIT - /: -15.68GBP 30-OCT-17- AUS Turnover Chg ADJ77 - wk start

I found out that these rates apply when we participate in race markets in the NSW Australia franchise.

Even so, they only debited the value in my account, they did not email me or put anything in the statement. I only got this information after much insistence with a betfair attendant.

We can not know if the charge is exactly correct and if the correct races.

Take a look at

I wonder if you also participated in NSW. There are several other franchises too, which I believe there is no such fee.

countries where is available

November 13, 2017
all i need to know that cambodia is fair. i want to bet in escanteios (corners), but not sure if fair has good markets for it.

Unstable API

November 11, 2017
Thank you.

Might have just been my internet. Certainly was only apparent - whatever it was - for maybe 30 to 45 minutes from 2.30pm to just after the usual 3pm slowdown.

Geeks Toy for general discussion thread.

November 11, 2017
No data to display under Traded and Volume for ANY matches. I checked soon to In-play matches and future matches and verified that there was money displayed and prices available on the Matchbook website. Geeks Toy isn't displaying ANY information

Geeks Toy automation

November 10, 2017
Any change in philosophy, on this issue in the intervening 5 years, Geek?

cheers, MC


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