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Removing Scroll bar

June 8, 2020
Quote: Originally Posted by Bog What monitor size and screen resolution do you have? You don't need to remove the scroll bar to have more runners. You can use smaller font size or 2-3 ladder rows. I can have 30 ladders on 3 rows if I want, but you need a good computer if you don't want to experience lag. Absolutely doesnt matter how many ladders i display, if its more than 15 runners it will start lagging and 20 or more is its big lag no matter how slow the refresh times.
If I bet on a race or a tournament win market with more than 20 runners, I can display just one and have the exact same lag, it seems all other runners are loaded and refreshed at the same rate regardless o if they are displayed or not.
I have 32GB Ram, high end gaming computer, fibre internet, but is just nothing I can do to prevent lag if there are more than 15 runners.
Only setting that helps a bit is the Price refresh but even then I can set it to 1second and still get lag the more runners there are.
Can anyone confirm they dont have lag when trading markets with more than 15 outcomes? Anything to do about it?
Also back to the original question, can I not edit the settings code and set the width of the scroll bar to 0? Ive been changing the width of all the other columns to the minimum like that but not found a setting for scroll bar?

Lingfield 5:30 market missing from Market Navigator

June 6, 2020
Nothing unusual about the race, but missing from both the 'All Meetings' and 'Lingfield' menus.

Edit: The toy has crashed twice in the last few minutes for me.

Kempton Park video???

June 4, 2020
I think Betfair changed something with thier videos. Works fine from Betfair site.

Take SP Shortcut

June 4, 2020
Hi There,

I dont think there is but it's worth asking, is there a keyboard shortcut for switching the unmatched bets to Take SP?

I know you can right click or click on the unmatched bet itself, but I wondered if there is a quick toggle for it.

The Greyhounds are so erratic, I want to place my entry trades without SP and all exit trades with SP so a keyboard shortcut would be great.


Entering log in details three times to open GT

May 30, 2020

For some time now i have needed to enter my login details three times (with Authenticator App) just to open GT.

Here is what i experience:

1) I select GT icon to open
2) Log in screen appears to enter Betfair Username and Betfair Password (GT 1.4p). Operation mode Live
3) I enter my Betfair details
4) Screen states Logging in to Betfair at the top left of screen
5) Screen also shows betfairs login screen requesting Username and password.
6) I enter details and select Login
7) I enter the verification code from my Google Authenticator app.
8) Screen then changes to show Logging in to Betfair at the top left of screen with betfairs home screen displayed.
9) I then need to enter Username and password again and select log in.
10) I again need to enter the verification code from my Google Authenticator app.
11) Finally, GT loads and is able to be used.

Also, in recent weeks i have experienced freezes of 3-5 seconds on GT. Everything freezes including the ladder and ability to select any items although this may be unrelated.

Any suggestions welcome to resolve either issue.


Sports Statistics

May 28, 2020
Gambling is either sports betting or instant games like those on mr bet no deposit bonus codes and both of them require luck and while sports betting can be more in control of the gambler as compared to the instant games but then there is a huge edge usually associated like 10-15% edge and the ability to analyse sports matches is almost like 5-10% and the other 90% is mostly luck and hence there is nothing you can learn in gambling or being a experienced gambler gives no advantage apart from anger management and other benefits.

Matchbook - New beta 1.4s released

May 23, 2020
hi, geekstoy for matchbook is not working with 2FA enabled. they introduced this feature some time ago and i suppose you are not aware of it. if i try to put 2FA code after my passwords it doesnt work like it does in geekstoy for betfair... i think you have not upgraded the geekstoy for matchbook yet. for now geekstoy is useless with 2FA enabled, fix it please as soon as possible.

Horse Racing in OZ

May 15, 2020
Another weekend is upon us as we struggle with Covid-19 rules and regulations in Australia. We have six States and two territories here and they all have different rules and regulations about what you can and can't do. For example the Northern Territory is returning to normal....well as close as you can to normality considering you cant fly to an international port, and there are no normal interstate planes conveying passengers around the country. And if you leave the Territory then you are subject to lock-down and self isolation rules so best move if you are a Territorian is to stay put and enjoy a beer at your favourite pub or club, which is something the populace of other States and Territories cant do. Racing in the Territory has continued as normal at Fannie Bay and Pioneer Park, so the quality aspects of life which include a beer and a bet are now freely available. Pity the rest of us have to put up with a host of confusing rules that seem to change almost daily and our televisions give us talking heads who tell us the new amended rules in each State which simply confuses many, including yours truly. Needless to say if you break any of the rules you are facing a four figure sum if you are caught so you need to double check what you can and can't do so you don't incur a size-able penalty.
Racing in Australia continues in all States except Tasmania. Don't ask why Tasmania is the exception because no one seems to know why, except its a good example of the inconsistency of the lock-down laws!
The punt hasn't been kind this week. Have had 23 bets for 5 wins, 6 seconds and 2 thirds, and 10 unplaced.
Our thoughts and prayers are with you as the UK struggles with what is a devastating virus that has resulted in large numbers of deaths. Lets hope that this ends quickly and we also discover a suitable and effective vaccine speedily.
As usual the early selections will be posted on here and these will be updated, changed etc etc as the late mail and scratchings are known.
May your punting day be a winning one.

R5 no 7 Soxagon Won
R6 no 1 Wisdom of Water Won
R8 no 8 Command & Conquer

R1 no 10 Leg Work 3rd
R3 no 6 Bellevue Star.. 1 Macroura Won $3.50 is the danger
R4 no 1 Dawn Passage Won $2.20
R5 no 9 Adelong Won $3.10
R6 no 3 Ranier... Won $6.60..looks excellent each way value at $7 or better
R7 no 5 Fituese is the late mail. Won $2.20

R2 no 3 Better Kick 4th
R3 no 6 November Dreaming
R5 no 9 King of Hastings 2nd
R6 no 2 King of Leogrance 2nd
R7 no 11 Schabau.......also looks good each way value at $6 or better.

R1 no 1 Sassy Trader 2nd
R2 no 1 Amelia's Contraire 3rd
R5 no 6 Laufey 2nd
R6 no 2 Condor Heroes Scr.
R8 no 2 Vega Magic Won $4.50
R9 no 11 Laverrod Won $3

GC R7 no 4 Milk Man Started $2.20Fav. Ran 2nd. Lay Bet Won
MR8 no 5 A Shin Rook Ran unplaced. Lay Bet Won.

Cheers n Beers

To know advance match prediction or tosses?

May 12, 2020
When it comes to casino gambling, here are my tips:

1. You should always limit your budget. Keep the limit in such a way that if you lose all of it, it won't be a big problem to you.

2.I am not sure why one would be afraid and why authorities would arrest you for gambling. If its not legal, then don't gamble at all. You can gamble at from your home without feeling uncomfortable.

3. All gambling games does not depend only on skills. It also depends on your luck!

No Racemeter on AUS horse races

May 8, 2020
UK races are in furlongs and miles, other races are in meters. IP graph is not compatible IMHO.

Unwanted country display

May 1, 2020
Despite only having uk, us and ireland ticked on the markets I want to show it looks like I'm getting sweden too on the betdaq geekstoy, anybody know how to fix?

screenshot attached, thanks Attached Thumbnails  

Last Sixty Seconds Traded

April 30, 2020
Hey, hope someone can help me with this.
I have newest geekstoy version and selected Traded Volume Type -- Bars as described and tried all different amount of seconds for the last traded Bar History setting but none of them show any bars, just white background instead of the light green/ dark green bars. I attached a picture.
It doesnt seem to do with the colour scheme manager either as i tried different colours for everything.
Even when I load older settings i cant get any bars. Any idea what the problem could be?

Attached Thumbnails  

Betfair - New version 1.4v released

April 15, 2020
We have released a new version for Betfair.

in this release ...

Moved to .NET 4.8
Support for new currencies.
soccer keep & BSP bet bug fixed
coupon bug fixed
matched betting control added

You can download from here.

If you find any issues with the software, please report them in this forum.

"Keep-In-Play" Not working?

April 10, 2020
Hi Valve.

Hope they resolve it soon.

Keep bet in-play option

April 9, 2020
Anybody experienced keep bet in-play option disappear from ladder? Only option there is in-play cancel.


April 8, 2020
hi guys, since theres not a lot markets to trade im bit experimenting with my ladder setting, how do i get volume increase bars on ladder? cheers stay safe

script message errors

April 7, 2020
I also get such a message and the program freezes. Does anyone deal with this problem?

Markets not loading

April 6, 2020
Just over an hour later and all is loading sweet. Don't know what that was about. Maybe Covid-19???


06/04/2020 Horse racing markets wont load

April 6, 2020
Hi every one :)I'm having problems with markets loading Australian racing and US , It says loading, I have tried refreshing it manually from Betfair,I've tried logging in more than 50 times and I've got the latest windows, I'm not having a problem with other Betfair trading platforms that I use :confused:

Maximum Bank Drawdown

March 31, 2020
Hi all,

here's one for discussion.

During the absence of racing I, like many others I'm sure, have been looking at new strategies based on my accrued data.

One of the pre-race strategies (profitable) showed a drawdown of 149 ticks (I use ticks as my measure for strategies) over one period. How does this compare with other peoples strategies?

cheers, MC


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