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2 Betfair accounts from the same I.P. address

November 20, 2018
Hi.. I have a lifetime owned licence and my wife wants to try out geeks toy on her Betfair account. It is the same pc that I use but we wouldn't be trading at the same time. Could she log in on my downloaded geeks toy with her username & password, if registered for a free trial?

Take price on ladder

November 17, 2018
Can someone help me out? Where is the option in settings so when i have a bet in the price i can take is up the side of the ladder. My ladder doent display that

Betfair layout to Betdaq

November 15, 2018
Hi There,

I've been using the toy connected to Befair for some time and have the layout exactly as I want it, is it possible to copy that layout and all my settings over to the Betdaq program?

I assumed I could copy the whole folder across from Programdata or something but wanted to check first?

Thank you.

Matchbook - New beta 1.4o released

November 14, 2018
This is what I got in E-mail today.

"Hi there,

You are receiving this email as you are a user of Matchbook’s API.

Matchbook is speeding up In-Play Betting by reducing delays on submitting unmatched offers. This will give you faster access to in-play markets, while also maintaining the same level of protection for all customers.

We are doing this via V2 of our Betting API.

It is recommended that you migrate to the new API to avail of the new changes. Betting API V1 will still be supported but will be deprecated at some point in the future.

Full details can be found here.

Kind Regards,
Team Matchbook

Newbie Needs help

November 14, 2018
Make a deposit and see if that makes a difference.

Colour certain Prices on the ladder differently

November 12, 2018
Hi There,

I know you can colour the different cross over points differently to the rest of the ladder, but is there a way to highlight individual prices differently yourself.

ie, say I want to mark 7.0 & 8.0 as different colours to make them stand out, is that possible?

Thank you.

Can I see How much I currently have in the market ?

November 10, 2018
Ignore that, it does display I just never noticed it until now lol

Market Selector

November 9, 2018
Ok so this cost me £8 eventually and frankly I'm pretty annoyed about it. When you click on a market to view it sometimes opens up a totally different market than the one you selected. This has happened numerous times and I've always noticed, however on this occasion I didn't and places numerous trades into what I thought was the market I had selected, I quickly had to close my positions for an £8 loss. Thanks Geeks Toy, uninstalled and won't be coming back.

Problem with Geeks toy using Betdaq

November 8, 2018
I have recently opened a Betdaq account and just having a bit of a play around yesterday and today on small stakes just testing liquidity etc. I got in a tangle on the UTD game last night as I put in my lays and on face of it they didn't take, put in again, didn't take or so I thought. Anyway got out of it as UTD scored twice, happy days.

However, I tried again tonight and same thing happened. I backed under 2.5 on the ladder at 1.66 for £2 and put my lay in on the ladder at 1.35 attaining a small profit. However this appeared not to be taken as back bets appeared below this price. However when I revert to the Betdaq website the lay bet had actually been activated but doesn't show on the ladder. Any thoughts as to how to regularise this please as if I can't trade on the ladder I may as well close the account.

I was going to attach the photo of the entries but the paltry 19kb limit didn't allow this.

Thanks Mike

Ešte je tu niekto aktívny?

November 8, 2018
Zdravím Vás traderi,
máme tu ešte niekoho kto stále obchoduje na betfair? Dajte o sebe vedieť ak tu ste :)

Taktiež keby sa tu motal niekto kto stihol kedysi kúpiť konkurenčný softík ( nechcem menovať ) s doživotnou licenciou, tak ma možete kontaktovať a mile rád ju od Vás odkúpim.

So very sad

November 8, 2018
Most of the players leave the virtual halls after they manage to hit the big score. The logic of the theory is that you can immediately withdraw a large amount of cash. However, playing slot machines in the Internet casino, you should not forget that the computer program is responsible for all the combinations and the results of the past spin are in no way connected with the results of the next spin. That is, if you get a big win, the next round can also bring you a well-paid combination.

Good cheap VPN

November 7, 2018
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DVWooly Diary - trading horses pre race

November 5, 2018
Going to load up AGT in the next few days and have a bash at trading the pre race markets

Backing drifters??

November 5, 2018
thanks for the reply but whats this to do with my question, im an experienced trader i know what SP is.

Say i layed a drifting horse/dog pre race, is it advisable to always trade out even if liquidity doesnt allow me to get a great price wasting some ticks or is it likely better in the long run to just offer a good trading out price and if noone takes it let the bet run as unfancied runners win slightly less often then their SP in the long run anyway.
So im wondering if im wasting some "value" in the long run by hastily trading out right before the off, because it doesnt seem like the drifters win very often.
Anyone some statistics on drifters/steamers? Im not really sure how to analyse the data betfair supplies, terrible with excel

Horse Racing in OZ

November 2, 2018
Morning all and welcome to a huge day of racing in Melbourne Victoria. Today will be a very short edition as I'm off to Melbourne shortly for the Melbourne Cup carnival where hopefully I can pick up a dollar or two to help pay for the trip. A close friend of mine tried to have abet on Ventura Storm for the Melbourne Cup each way at the odds of $34 which pays out on four placings. He had it with bet 365 and went for $34 each way. The bet wasnt accepted so he tried for half that amount and was confronted with the max bet flag. The most he could put on was $1.52 each way so understandably he has now closed his Bet365 account.
So I wish you all well with your investments today and in the Melbourne Cup where the International visitors seem to have this at their mercy. With a bit of luck I'll be back next weekend and with pockets bulging. If not I'll drown my sorrows in one of Melbourne's fine hotels and dream about what could have happened if my first four bet had been successful.
Here are todays selections and I'll update the results hopefully tomorrow sometime.
Have fun and enjoy the Melbourne Cup Carnival.

R1 no 15 Zoutori
R2 no 1 El Dorado Dreaming
R3 no 1 Osbourne Bulls
R4 no 5 Sixties Groove
R5 no1 Written By
R6 no 7 Kenedna
R7 no 2 Aramayo
R8 no 1 Hartnell
R9 no7 From Within

R1 no 1 Time to Reign
R5 no 1 Doukhan
R9 no 7 Malalangur

R1 no 2 Tinsnip
R2 no 2 The Pen
R3 no 4 Masquerade
R6 no 3 Galaxy Star

MR7 no 1 Thinkin Big
MR9 no 2 Snitty Kitty
BR 10 no 9 Freddie Fox Trot

Cheers n Beers

geeks toy on google chromebook ?

November 1, 2018
Hi all
not being very computer savvy i wonder if anybody is able to say if its possible to operate Geeks toy on a chromebook...any suggestions of easiest way to do this..if its possible..thanks

Avoid lagging in Geekstoy

October 30, 2018
so anyone actually able to use 20ms refresh for uk horse racing??

Introduce yourself!

October 28, 2018
Hi all
I am elmoputney I've been interested in horse racing for a good few years now tried most ways to lose money , but that hasn't stopped me yet so I thought I would try my hand at trading , been using the geekstoy for the last week and I have to say it seems great so far, I've been attempting to learn scalping,mainly doing ok and quite enjoy this new way of looking that means I am not bothered who wins as long as the ticks go the right way, I am starting off small and hoping to grow the bank a little daily until I can up it to proper stakes, I think it may be an adventure will look forward to getting involved and l learning all I can


Betfair Live Video window saved position Bug

October 21, 2018
I have discovered a bug with the Betfair Live Video window.

When you save a profile it does not save the location of this window, so say you put that window on the left of your screen and save the profile as 'Left profile'.

You then move it to the right of your screen and save that as 'Right profile'.

If you reload the 'Left profile' the Betfair Live Video window does not move across to the left of the screen as it should but remains on the right of the screen.

All other windows remember their location when saved in a profile so why doesn't the Betfair Live Video window? It seems to be a bug.

The toy freezing

October 20, 2018
How many calls per second do you have in api settings manager?


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