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Not sure what I did!

May 23, 2017
Please can someone help me. I was betting in play and had layed an outsider. It then became apparent it was going to win, and in a panic i started clicking. I dont know what i did but it turned into a big win on the outsider instead of my usual being completely wiped out. Please can someone explain what I did?

Thank you

May 21, 2017
Been using Geeks toy a while now and boy does it make my betting life better.

Audio alerts, multiple markets side by side, easy to bet and see what bets you got waiting etc

Many many thanks for this awesome software!!!

Unmatched bets not working properly

May 19, 2017
I've also noticed since that if I enter more than one lay/bet in the unmatched bet box when one is taken the box remains but is is left empty.

Question about trading?

May 19, 2017

I have a quick question i„m pretty new at horse race trading. And i need to ask you guys a question. When the liquidity in the lay side is higher it will push the price up. WHen it„s on the back it will push it down. That i know but when trading do i look at the whole lay collum or just at the the last box?
..........4,2 194
..........4,1 283
..........4 59

in this situation is it safe to say that the price will go down ? Or at least thats what im guessing or will it go up?
Thank you

Stop Loss on a Single Market

May 9, 2017
Hi all

Apologies if this is something already addressed - couldnt find the answer with a search and the manual is not clear to me - I am sure thats me not understanding.

I dabble in both trading and matched betting as I am learning. One thing I would like to experiment with is trailing stop losses. I seem to have an issue with it being either "on" or "off" ... in other words I once had the stop loss and tick offset functions active on a market I was trading but then found that one of my matched bets, placed much earlier, had activated a stop loss as well!

Can you set the stop loss to apply to specific market or is it a case of if the option is on, it will place the stop on all markets with active bets?

Thanks in advance!

Kasino Kaiser

May 9, 2017
Ich habe heute mein gesamtes Einsatzkapital beim Roulette verloren und war ganz schön frustriert. Bei konnte ich dann nachlesen, was genau ich falsch gemacht habe. Ich habe mir keine Grenzen gesetzt, weder für den Verlust- noch für den Gewinnfall. Hätte ich gleich nach meiner Glückssträhne aufgehört, hätte ich einen Gewinn verzeichnen können. Aber da ich mir keine Gewinngrenze gesetzt habe, hatte ich schnell Blut geleckt und weiter gespielt. Natürlich kam dann die Pechsträhne und ich

Betdaq version not showing any market information

May 7, 2017
Hi everyone,
I hope someone can help, I've got geeks toy for betdaq but can't find a way of getting the jockey/trainer info or any charts to display. I think the charting appears to be unavailable from betdaq itself, but am I missing something blindingly obvious that I need to do for the other information that I'd like to see.

Thanks in advance

Betfair - New beta 1.4h released

May 6, 2017
Quote: Originally Posted by Wilf- Thanks for this release, I'll try it out.

Is there any chance of fixing the market navigator when I choose to just show UK and IRE races I get all kinds of other stuff as well. Thanks.

This is not a version specific issue, but a data filtering issue that affects every version of the software. Happens when new events come out that havnt had market data filtering rules set for them.

Cannot login today

May 6, 2017
Can you please kindly advise how I can log in please, as have not been able to log in this morning. Has been fine everyday but alas not today. Please advise. Thank you

Error Message:
The type initializer for `BetfairAPI.Esa.Stream.StreamManager`threw an exception.

*********Update: can now login but market navigator not loading. Just says "loading" and does nothing. Please advise, thanks

Betfair - New beta 1.4g released

May 5, 2017
Hi, its still not fixed. Look at the rogers 127@1,11 on lay nothing on back and just 100@4,6... 1,1k on the lay busta market and only 1,9 back for almagro..

Version 1.4, after a month, always problems

May 3, 2017
Since this release was released
I always have problems, as with so many other users
Things do not work or work badly and they are
Very disappointed because the early years were interrupted
Promptly to solve the problems now instead Attached Thumbnails  

Goal Profits - is it worth?

April 30, 2017

is anyone member of this service? As I consider to join I would like to know if it does provide long term profit as they advertise. Of course if following the strategies and bank management instructions.

Thank you.

In Running Lay Bet info Please!

April 30, 2017
Hi All! I think i have solved this maybe my laptop mouse i clicked to take out the bet before the race finished, and it put in a win bet so i will leave their in future and let BF take it out later auto.

Tick offset and stop loss

April 28, 2017

Playing around with Lay 2 back selections and using Tick Offset and Stop loss features but getting some odd behaviour..

I made my horse selection, placed my £10 lay pre race, and set the Tick Offset to 10 and Stop Loss to 10.
the race started and eventually my stop loss was hit and a small loss was showing approx £-2..
however, the odds eventually rose up and there was showing a zero stake at my tick offset point.. then my loss started to increase closer to my initial £10.. eventually took a loss of about £7 instead the expected £-2

any ideas what im doing wrong?

How do I request a bet i.e. put an order in for lower odds

April 28, 2017
Quote: Originally Posted by The other Geek So you want to place a bet at worse odds than are currently offered on the exchange?

You cannot place a bet on the exchange in this scenario. Betfair will match you at the odds available.

The software can WAIT for the odds to reach a certain point, THEN place a bet. See Multi Bet tool -> Stop Entry. Sorry, I didn't phrase it properly - yes I want to have a bet "queued" up to go in place when it reaches a certain price. Where in the manual can I find more info please? I've just tried the multi-bet tool and it did the same i.e. placed the bet at the current price.

Horse Racing in OZ

April 23, 2017
Sorry Guys couldnt post yesterday as local works on our internet connection caused some angst. Should be back to normal next Saturday. Great to see Dags pick 5 winners yesterday which was a 50% strike rate.
Well done.

Profit Loss in running

April 21, 2017
Is there a way to find out profits for in running trading, Betfair profit loss doesn't offer anything to filter results based on when the bet was placed.
i reckon i do badly on the in-running compared to the pre race trading but some precise stats would be great, someone has an excel spreadsheet for that or an advice how to find that out please?
I don't need advice like stop in-running trading until i know my results...
thank you

Как установить Геек на Линукс debian 64?

April 21, 2017
Подскажите - как установить Геек на Линукс debian 64бит?
На форуме несколько лет назад подымался этот вопрос, но сколько не пробовал - не получилось. Может кто устанавлива? Помогите пожалуйста.

Stake Array feature..?

April 21, 2017
Does Geek's toy have a staking array option for in play?

For example, I could set my array to 5 orders in a downwards direction with a offset gap of 5 ticks from the back stake, which is £25..

I click the current back side odds where I want my array to start, say current odds are 3.70 it then automatically places 1 back and 5 lay orders like this;

LAY......... BACK
------3.70 - £25
£5 - 3.40------
£5 - 3.35------
£5 - 3.30------
£5 - 3.25------
£5 - 3.20------

This would be helpful in delivering very fast small stake bets into the market when in play trading the favourite/leading horse on long distance races, you place your back bet then have it close it's self off bit by bit with the lay stakes..

I know you could do this manually, but in play you need a lot of speed and you can make mistakes trying to set this up whilst the odds are going mental.

Cannot see title bar to move windows

April 15, 2017
Thanks for the quick response Geek.

Unfortunately that hasn't done it. The title bar is still just off the top of the screen (and the bottom of the window is about half to two-thirds of the way down the screen).

What I need is for the whole window to open lower on the screen when I start GT - if that's possible?


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