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Expensive Technical Error

February 23, 2021
Hi Guys,

Did anyone have any technical issues today? - I lost £54.20 today because I was unable to close off a position and was forced to literally let a lay run as a bet, that even includes having a larger bankroll in use and not just relaying on my total liability to be able to close off with.... I also had no other unmatched bets elsewhere in the market:-

The race/results in question was this one:-

Horse Racing / Taun 23rd Feb : 2m7f Hcap Chs 23-Feb-21 15:05 23-Feb-21 15:13 -36.17

I realise that shows a £36 loss but I had already made a £15 green elsewhere in the market, if that makes sense......*

I tried to close off more than 15 times, with the same error message every time from the GT software of "insufficient funds" - That particular trade was always going to be a loss, but that cost me £50+ from the first time I tried to exit, to the horse winning... The scary thing is that I have no idea why it happened or what caused it.... I'm lucky that I didn't have a much larger liability at the time!

Any insight would be very much appreciated.

Many thanks


(PS - I've put this is the bugs thread put 100% convinced a BF problem and not a GT issue)

Audio alerts

February 18, 2021
Anyone know how to get the settings they seem to have gone from right click status bar

Lost connection

February 14, 2021
Two hours ago I deleted and reuploaded Bitdefender. I also deleted all old Bitdefender files by Ultra Search. The connection was lost in ten minutes.But I didn't lose my graphs and markets. It was first for last ten days. In one hour I had the next picture

Please tell me what network interface controller do you have? I have Qualcomm Atheros AR8171/8175 PCI-E Gigabit Ethernet Controller (NDIS 6.30)
And I found interesting thing. I went to Control Panel - Administration - Event Viewer and got error and XML mode There has been a problem with starting the device PCI\VEN_1969&DEV_10A1&SUBSYS_85871043&REV_10\4&26f 2fc68&0&0020
The error ten days ago!

Horse Racing in OZ

February 3, 2021
I made a personal decision recently to back off the covid commentaries on here as there was more than enough of the bad news surrounding this subject on our television screens and in our daily newspapers and to add to it was not in my view creating positivity. However there has been an event that has lifted all our spirits and I think its appropriate to mention the efforts of a centurion who has given hope to a situation that many find desperate.
I speak of Sir Tom Moore and the incredible strength of this man to walk some 100 laps of his backyard to raise some AUD $55m for the British health authorities to find a solution to Covid-19. On his birthday he received some 250,000 birthday cards which is around 249,980 more than most people who turn 100 receive. He was a World War 2 veteran and he did his 100 laps dressed in formal attire with his war medals proudly attached. The Queen made him a Sir for his work and he has been granted honorary status as a Colonel. Unfortunately as you would be aware Sir Tom succumbed to a strain of covid earlier this week and Great Britain lost one of its finest.
He truly was an inspirational man. And tomorrow will be a better day!
Covid in Australia is almost non existent as we have just 9 in hospital as I write and no one in intensive care. Yet despite just one case in Western Australia the area around Perth, with about 2 million population, was locked down for 5 days. The same is on the cards for Victoria where one case also has been detected in Melbourne quarantine. Covid-19 has spooked our State premiers to the extent they panic when just one case appears. And in most cases these infections are attributed to returning Australians, who have been stranded overseas, and to the poor arrangements made by States in respect of quarantining these returnees.
Enough of the rant, lets get down to the subject matter re horse racing in Australia.
This week so far I have had 16 bets to date with one pending. The results are ok with 8 winners, 2 seconds, 2 thirds, 2 unplaced and two yet to run.
This Saturday in Australia the below mentioned races commence at Caulfield at 12.40 AEST which converts to 2.40 am London time, and the last race will be at Pinjarra Park in Western Australia at 8.27pm AEST, which is 10.27 am London time.
The early fields and selections will shortly go up below, and these will be amended as the late mail and scratchings are discovered about 5 hours prior to start times.
Hope your day is a good one and please stay safe.

............................still working........................

R1 no 7 Regardsmaree
R2 no 5 Arcaded
R4 no 3 Young Werther
R5 no 1 La Mexicana
R8 no 6 Imaging
R9 no 1 Viridine

R2 no 1 Another One
R3 no 6 Written Beauty
R4 no 8 April Rain
R6 no 3 North Pacific
R8 no 8 All Time Legend

R2 no 4 Watch the Cat
R5 no 5 Wolff Boss
R7 no 4 Ingear
R9 no 4 Fisticuffs

R2 no 2 Cousin Ivan
R3 no 6 Uncle Dick
R5 no 3 Ginger Flyer
R9 no 1 Gemma's Son

MR5 no 10 Pinkham
SR7 no 1 Ole Kirk

Cheers 'n Beers

Nurse at a mental hospital says: "Doctor, What do you want us to do with the new patient in room 20? Problem is he thinks he's a wolf!"
Doctor ponders for a moment or two and then says, "First rule is, don't let his grandmother in for a visit!!

Help with Stop loss

February 2, 2021
Quote: Originally Posted by RManPT yes you can! ;)

right click the top bar of the Toy and click "Open settings folder"

There you will find the main .xml files and one folder for each Profile you have (if any)

The file you want is BetToolsDropListOptions.xml. Edit it with a text editor (ie notepad)

Where you find <int>number here</int> you change it for the number you want, you can change all

Restart the Toy and you're done ;)

Hope this helps.

PS:Try other things like adding options or reducing them ;) Hi there RManPT I know this is anl old message but I have just tried to change the number of ticks in the drop down dist to up to 30 ticks instead of 20 ticks, using the procedure you stated. I have saved it and closed Geeks and logged back in but it reverted back to the 20 ticks again. I tried it by using save as which repleaced the exisitng file but it still reverted back to a max of 20 ticks.. Any help would be greatly appreciated

Betfair Live Video not working in GT

January 26, 2021
Is there any news on having Geeks call up the betfair live video or has it now been removed completely?
Other software has no issues loading it and using betfair is tedious when the software used to do it

Error in Order

January 21, 2021
Works OK now.
Can't imagine what went wrong.
Tried now 18.00 Thur 21/01 and My lay bet was taken.

geeks toy betdaq markets not loading

January 20, 2021
mr geek do you know the reason why the markets wont load on geeks toy for betdaq,its been fine until earlier today,any help appreiciated,also its been slugish lately.

Crash Bug System.NullReferenceException

January 15, 2021
Good night,

Can someone help me with this bug? I cant actually join geeks because of that.

Thank you in advance.

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Crash Bug System.NullReferenceException

January 15, 2021
Good night,

Can someone help me with this bug? Iam actually cant join geeks because of that.

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Graph size

January 15, 2021
Quote: Originally Posted by RManPT The betfair chart has a fixed ratio so its size depends on the width of your column... try reduce ladder width or undock the graph and resize it anywhere you want. Hi There,

How do you undock the graphs?

Resize of Betfair Graphs

January 15, 2021
Found the answer cheers

Live Video

January 7, 2021
Hi Guys.

is there any news on this topic or will be using an external browser forever now?

Any info would be handy to know, as if there's no planned changed to the current "I gonna need a bigger boat" - well a bigger monitor but still love that jaws quote.



Two Step Authorisation

January 3, 2021
Quote: Originally Posted by valve Just tried 2-step verification for the 1st time. I set this verification for new devices only and set my primary device as trusted. Now when I login from my primary trusted device via Toy, BF gives me their own log in website and I have to put my login information again. Why am I not login directly for the first time? Any suggestions? Hi Valve. You need to type the code at the end of your password if you want to login directly in GT. So after you type your pass, don't click enter, type your code and after that click enter. Should work, I'm using it all the time.

Betfair - New version 1.5b released

January 2, 2021
concordo com voce

DVWooly Diary - trading horses pre race

December 30, 2020
Anyone still lurking in the forum or are forums now overtaken by Twitter and Facebook?

Size of Betfair Graphs

December 17, 2020
right click on the ladder -> ladder layout -> streaming chart height Attached Thumbnails  

Crazy moves in greyhound markets!

December 9, 2020
Dogs markets gone crazy during lockdown.... @acg are you still trading it?

How keep tick offset/stop loss on in-play

November 23, 2020
Quote: Originally Posted by Greatowl Is there any way to back/lay bet on pre-race(horse racing) and automatically place tickoffset/stop loss bets to be kept in-play on geeks toy? For example I place a back bet at 4,0 just before the race starts and The Toy puts tick-offset and stop loss bets staying on the market as market goes in-play(not cancelling them). Tried to find this option on instructions but couldn't find. Thanks in advance. Open a market and open the ladder... With the ladder open, right click on the top bar above the horse name and stakes and hover the mouse over the list and go down to advanced betting A further drop down list will appear with one of the options being Default Bet Persistence Make sure you select Keep which is the middle option of the 3 available... It will place a tick against the option that you choose.. Once you have done that it should work... You can go back again and see if the Keep option is now ticked which it should be. Hope this helps

Magyar nyelv&#369; trédel&#337;k

November 15, 2020
Valakinek van MACD beállításra jó ötlete lóversenyek előtti fogadás esetére? Szívesen meghallgatnám!


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