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ladder interface and right click on grid no working

January 19, 2017
had quite a frustrating afternoon using the software with two main issues both of which occurred at the same time.

1 after every second or third race when a changed markets to the next race i could not get the ladder interface to open.

2 if the ladder interface would not open then if i tried to use the grid interface it was not possible to place a bet using the right click to put a back bet on the lay side or a lay bet on the back side.

The only way to resolve this was to turn off Geeks and restart it.

I am using a windows 10 pc

any ideas suggestions on how to get around this?

ID valid but getting message that id expired!!! Help

January 18, 2017
Quote: Originally Posted by domus My license is valid until 2017/04/06 but i can not enter geek and im getting the information that my id expired,please someone help.
Thank you Problem solved

Double offset hedge bet.

January 18, 2017
Don't remember if i ever saw error like that but it happened: kempton 4:20, layed brookes point with offset and hedge enabled inplay and instead of single bet, toy fired double back hedge bet, got ugly big read instead of green.
Again, can't remeber things like that before. Maybe it's on bf side.
Using 1.3n version without stream.

If it helps there was really big swing on this fav at that moment when my lay was eaten.

Stop Loss.

January 17, 2017
Quote: Originally Posted by yashkar What I have experienced is that stoploss feature is of no use in an in play market as it takes 5 seconds to get the stoploss triggered , till that times odds changes very rapidly .can u please help me out with that is it possible to do a stop win in the same way? useful in a fast moving in play market. thanks

Market Hedge Position

January 13, 2017
I have a question about what happens/can happen when Market Hedge Position is clicked in the Market & API Status section.

I have Advanced Betting/On Market Hedge set to Cancel Bets then Hedge. I'm working on something IR, so I understand that the market is volatile and e.g. the figure available to hedge may not be available by the time the bet hits the market and as such could rip through it/come back and get it later.

I'm hoping I can clarify my understanding of what should happen, then determine if that is actually happening. I'm using a Tick Offset of 16, Hedged without full match. I've attached a sample from the other day.

I placed a lay on Codeshare for 20@1.50. This was fully matched and the Offset back bet was placed automatically at 18.18@1.65 but was not matched and the price continued to come in. I clicked on the Market Hedge Position when it showed around a £2.xx loss (bet ID 0626) but when it hit the exchange the price had drifted and it got matched at 1.61. However, my original hedged offset bet was still in the market and got matched as well, resulting in an overall loss of 18.73.

I was working on the premise that clicking the figure in Market Hedge Position would cancel all bets then send an order required to Hedge - is this the case and if so is my reading of what happened here, in that the bet was not cancelled, correct?

I've had a read and reread of the manual and can't find anything that says offset bets are ignored by the hedge position operation. I'm not using a stop loss.

Thanks. Attached Thumbnails  

VPS Australia markets

January 12, 2017
Same here, I also prefer VPN instead of VPS. There is lot of things in VPS and as a normal user I use VPN. I didn't know very much about the VPNs but I choose VPN after reading this VPN review. You can read the comparisons and guides too in this detailed post. May be this can help you if you are still confuse.

Thank You

Horse racing cards in Excel

January 10, 2017
Can anyone advise me how to get the Racing Post racing cards in Excel format, either a way to do it myself or a source? Cheers

Tick offset - 2 different markets

January 7, 2017
Is it possible to use the tick offset option for one market and not for another at the same time?

For example if I have a back bet placed waiting to be matched for a long term trade, offset set for 1 tick in a football match pre kick off but am also trading a horse race using another window but want to trade this manually (not using the tick offset) Is this possible?


Matchbook - New beta 1.4a released

January 3, 2017
same here.cannot see tennis section.and i am in region very betfair is legal.

Naps Competition January 2017

January 1, 2017
clan des obeaux

Horse Racing in OZ

December 30, 2016
New Years Eve is just 13.5 hours away as I write so all the best everyone for the New Year and may the punting gods be kind to you in 2017.
Here are todays selections in what is a mixed bag with late start times at Moonee Valley and the best quality racing at Eagle Farm and Ascot.

R1 no 10 From Within Won
R2 no 1 Weatherley
R3 no 1 Miss Wonderland 2nd
R6 no 8 Redoubtable Heart 4th

R1 no 13 Tulip Won
R2 no 1 Crystal Fountain Won $10.......No 2 emphatically is an each way chance at odds
R4 no 11 Honey Cara 2nd
R7 no 3 Anatola 3rd
R8 no 9 Olivier


R2 no 2 Feltre ..4th.expect him to run well here...currently $36 on the tote
R4 no 1 Winning Rupert Won
R7 no 7 Man Of His Word 2nd.....Cylinder Beach Won $6. is the obvious danger
R8 no 10 Zestful...each way.

BR3 no 7 Hidden Pearl Won $2.80. Lay bet lost
BR8 no 2 Global GlamourStarted $3 fav. Ran unplaced. Lay bet won
MR8 no 11 Rock N Gold.Ran unplaced. Lay bet won

BSP Estimate for Moonee Valley is 89.5. (No bet available today)

Cheers n Beers.

Blog for all us newbies

December 28, 2016
Building leverage! Using your leverage to profit or make key decisions! Correct score trading is tricky. You never know what's going to happen. Have a plan

ставки и инструменты

December 27, 2016
добрый день, не могу найти где в последней версии устанавливаются дополнительные кнопки ставок и инструментов для сетки и для лестницы,как на скрине.

SET TOY for an auto lay to back strategy

December 24, 2016
Hi guys,
i have a simple question for you all.
How can i set toy for do this routine in auto mode in matches i will choice:

* Lay the first of two player that reach 1.5 mark
after that
* Edge if will arrive at 1.8 mark for a green screen
* take loss if reach 1.1 for equal red.

It's possible? i think yes because is a simple routine....

What i have to do for set it right?
Thank you for reply

API Error? ANGX-0006

December 21, 2016
Snap. Occurred for me when placing and cancelling bets.

If I protect my bank, how much can it grow?

December 20, 2016
Well seasons greeting to you all. I've just got back from my final job away this year and I'm looking forward to the rest of the month ahead. I get to spend some quality time with the the missus and our little one plus lots of catching up with friends and family. This will also be my first proper Dec trading. I tried a little last year but it was when I just started dabbling to see what the hell trading was. This will be the first year trading when I hold a basic understanding of what the hell is happening. I'm pretty excited to say the least.

I managed to get involved with a few races this afternoon. Although nowhere near as much as I would have liked to. I didn't arrive home until early afternoon and spent some time with my daughter. Once I put her down for an afternoon nap I opened up the markets.

I was certainly feeling positive and confident. Whenever I feel this way, I do well. Obvious really. When you are confident, you have full faith in your decisions. When you doubt yourself you miss out on opportunity as you spend time doubting yourself then, before you know it, that opportunity has passed.

Markets traded: 6
Starting bank: £118.80
Total profit: £22.51
Avg profit per market: £3.75
ROI: 18.95%
End bank: £141.31

Not a bad result. I did notice that the moment in which I start to get a little nervous is around the £6 profit mark per race. I have noticed this a few times now so this is something I will need to work on moving forward. Also as the trading bank grows, that figure will become less and less significant.

I am back trading tomorrow afternoon after I have spent some quality time with my daughter in the morning.

My Diary on the Hounds...

December 19, 2016
Evening all!

been a while since I last updated this.

im still trading and trying to learn the greyhounds. figures for last few months

September = - £17.19 - I had increased stakes to £5 by this point but seemed to lose the plot a few times. probably couldn't take the larger losses and just kept freezing whilst losses got bigger and bigger..

October = + £2.91 - Decided I wasn't ready to up stakes so cut back down to minimum stakes. seemed to do the trick. not massive profit by any means but profit is profit and helped my confidence no end.

November = +9.71 - im normally quite strict about hedging up well in time before the off to clear any bets I may have waiting to be matched. however, a couple of times I closed the window down without hedging leaving a £2 back bet each time which both got matched... one won, one lost. so taking these out of the equation profit is more like £5, which is still moving in the right direction. a good lesson learned too!

Ive upped the stakes again to £5 and so far (fingers crossed) I think im doing ok. Had a few largish losses but im seeing higher profits per race too so hoping December will see an improvement on Novembers figures. I may even crack double figures LOL!!

Trying out a few different strategies now, and learning to be patient too. if signs aren't there, stay out of the market! theres always the next race.

good luck everyone and I shall try and update more in future !

Stake Buttons in Grid interface

December 18, 2016

i'm wondering if there is a way to use custom stake buttons in the grid interface.
The right click menu is good but i've been using another API for years and i'm used to that kind of selection.

In Play SP

December 16, 2016
Hi Everyone,

I have been caught out inplay recently trading close to the off so Ive added using in-play sp to my trading plan when trading close to off. However it does not appear to be working or more likely I am not using the function correctly.
Please see screen shots below of the steps I have taken on the favorite(Note iluminate).
I have read the manual a few times and just do not see what I am doing wrong and tips pointers would be greatly appreciated. Attached Thumbnails    

Registration not allowed

December 15, 2016
A friend of mine wants to buy a 3 month subscription, the problem is he can't register and link his betfair account.
How can be this problem solved??


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