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Updated: 14 hours 11 min ago

Betfair live video not working..

March 29, 2017
I've got the exact same problem. The only way to get the live footage up is to go to the relevant Betfair page and load the the live video via the that.

Hope we get a fix soon!

tenner a day

March 28, 2017
hiya guys been long since i posted here, heres a video if anyone interested in trading hounds cheers

(not quite) greening up

March 28, 2017
Hi I'm fairly new to trading and brand new to GeeksToy, my question is about when you want to green up with unequal profit (or loss) across the market. Eg. you've made a successful trade on football but instead of greening up for an equal profit on all outcomes, you want to have more profit on Team A winning and less profit (or a loss) on the Draw / Team B.

Obviously this is just a matter of the amount you stake when you close your position but I'm wondering if GeeksToy has any tools to assist with calculating the stake amount? Is there any way to see the staking amount that will be used when you choose to hedge your bet (either for the whole market or just the current selection) prior to the bets actually being placed, so this could be used as a starting point to adjust from?

Thanks in advance

countries where is available

March 28, 2017
Here in Brazil everything is ok with Betfair. Even the exhibition give maca increased in the country, as this site speaks

Backing & laying

March 27, 2017
Quote: Originally Posted by Swimming99 Hi guys

I have done backing & laying before with PA , and we used to calculator to work out how much to back & lay giving us a profit.
I have been betting with betfair today, for example, i bet £50 to back on 2.10 & lay £50 1.8 , but i dont seem to make any money at all, is it because i need to bet more money to get a profit, when the race finishes i still have the same balance .

Help please wendy if you backed at 2.10 for 50 and layed at 1.80 for 50 you get the bit in the middle only if the horse wins you need to green up across all selections

Training mode help - can't change balance.

March 26, 2017
You can only change it when you first start the application.


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