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Betfair Trading what is it?

February 17, 2017
I understand this is an old thread but it seemd like it was good information. I tryed the link but it didnt work for me. Anyone got anything similar? Cheers /George (And hello guys:)

cancelling other close positions automatically after get matched

February 15, 2017

I was wondering if, as I'm new to this, I'm missing some configuration.
I have the following situation, e.g.:

I have a back position @4,5 and 2 lay positions, @4,2 and @4,0. I want that the software cancel all remaining lays after the first get fully matched, is it possible?

Thanks in advance,
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Прошу помочь разобраться

February 15, 2017
Всем привет, хочу купить подписку на 3 месяца, зарегистрировался на форуме, дальше что? При переходе в меню купить где указаны цены, выходит дополнительная регистрация Login - Client ID и почта. Так и не понял что вводить туда если уже вошел на сайт. Кто поможет объяснить ?

Market Overview

February 14, 2017
Click bottom right corner and drag.

liabilty stake tool

February 13, 2017
Thanks for the help

Soccer In Play

February 13, 2017
Hi,westerner! Would you update "Soccer in Play" ,please! It's no more available in AppStore! I think it will be an excellent app!

Chasing ze dream. My road to making money or dying out.

February 12, 2017
Hi everyone,

I'm very new to betfair trading, I started out match betting, the moved to arbing, then became interested in betfair trading a month ago. I bought some of Caan Berry's videos, am taking in as much as I can and have started pre race trading. I've also watched hours of trading on youtube. I have started with a bank of £300 and am using £25 stakes. I'm a student and so can only really trade at the weekend, although I might be able to make it home for a few races during the week if I'm lucky. My first goal is to go from 300 to 1k. I think its realistic. I'm going to give trading a year of my time to see if I can become consistent. My main rule, is to never go in play and never let a lay bet run.

I started on Saturday and unfortunately was -£10, I put it down to being the first ever day I traded. I pretty much traded for 6 hours and went through 30 races. I think there are too many races to put on here, my profit and loses go into 4 pages. Last night I watched certain videos again and today traded about 12-13 races, again I was about -£12. However I felt like I had learned more and was better at picking situations that would go my way. I just got nailed 3 or 4 times heavily when the price jumped 4-5 ticks not in the direction I wanted. One specific race nailed me for -£8. Here are today's stats.

Horse Racing / Sedge 12th Feb : 2m4f Hcap Hrd 12-Feb-17 16:10 12-Feb-17 16:17 1.03
Horse Racing / Leop 12th Feb : 3m Grd1 Chs 12-Feb-17 16:00 12-Feb-17 16:08 0.61
Horse Racing / Extr 12th Feb : 3m Graduation Chs 12-Feb-17 15:50 12-Feb-17 15:57 -0.37
Horse Racing / Sedge 12th Feb : 2m5f Hcap Chs 12-Feb-17 15:40 12-Feb-17 15:47 -2.86
Horse Racing / Leop 12th Feb : 2m5f Grd1 Nov Chs 12-Feb-17 15:30 12-Feb-17 15:40 -4.17
Horse Racing / Extr 12th Feb : 3m Hcap Chs 12-Feb-17 15:20 12-Feb-17 15:27 1.32
Horse Racing / Sedge 12th Feb : 2m5f Nov Hrd 12-Feb-17 15:10 12-Feb-17 15:17 0.05
Horse Racing / Leop 12th Feb : 2m2f Grd1 Nov Hrd 12-Feb-17 15:00 12-Feb-17 15:06 1.16
Horse Racing / Extr 12th Feb : 2m7f Hcap Hrd 12-Feb-17 14:50 12-Feb-17 14:57 0.55
Horse Racing / Sedge 12th Feb : 2m1f Mdn Hrd 12-Feb-17 14:40 12-Feb-17 14:48 0.56
Horse Racing / Leop 12th Feb : 2m Grd1 Juv Hrd 12-Feb-17 14:30 12-Feb-17 14:36 2.00
Horse Racing / Sedge 12th Feb : 2m3f Nov Chs 12-Feb-17 14:10 12-Feb-17 14:17 0.39
Horse Racing / Leop 12th Feb : 2m Hcap Hrd 12-Feb-17 14:00 12-Feb-17 14:06 -8.67
Horse Racing / Extr 12th Feb : 2m2f Nov Hrd 12-Feb-17 13:50 12-Feb-17 13:56 0.88
Horse Racing / Leop 12th Feb : 2m2f Hcap Hrd 12-Feb-17 13:30 12-Feb-17 13:38 -2.75

Starting bank 300.

Bank now 278.

Bitcoin Bookies

February 11, 2017
Here you can see a list of TOP 20 Bitcoin Bookies:

P.S.: I want to remind, that the main advantage many Bitcoin bookmakers is the ability to fully anonymous registration, which allows you to bypass restrictions in many countries on online betting.

Dogs trading

February 11, 2017
Does it still profitable ?

stop loss market making

February 11, 2017
doesnt seem possible to change the values in the xml file to "last traded price -1" on the stop loss.
i dont want it to take the price thats there but offer 1 or 2 ticks below even if that means risking not being matched...
with my strategy im just giving away too much value by just taking the given price, is this not possible?

thank you

Geekstoy Programming language

February 11, 2017
Not very knowledgeable about computers.

Could you tell me please what programming language Geekstoy is written in and if a programmer would be able to change the software for my personal needs? Is it an open source software, because i see all these xml files in the programm data folder, where it seems possible to change the text...

thank you

Windows does not expand horizontally and display problems

February 10, 2017
Quote: Originally Posted by mociproviamo I started to use recently geeks and seems to have worsened. I had the version 1.3 and have a problem of windows, not spread out horizontally and this often prevents to see some data and others see them wrong.
I downloaded the new version 1.4 but the problem remains, it is annoying and so 'you can not' use well, I hope we can resolve I've sent you a private message with details for contacting support with your issue.

Multi Bet issue with un/matched bets

February 10, 2017
Without knowing more details, it sounds like the price rapidly changed on the selection you placed the back bet on.

You can contact support with more details if you wish.

Newbie Please Help :)

February 9, 2017
Hi Everyone,

Fellow Geek here !

I am getting used to the Toy, but have a few questions if anyone can help please :)

1) Can your stop loss stake be set to exceed your backing stake - E.g if back something at £2 can you have a £3 lay ?

2) How do you increase stop loss on windows 10, if possivle, I have seen it for Vista and Windows 7.

Thank you for your help :)



February 9, 2017
Sorry, this may have been answered elsewhere, but...

are they any plans in the pipeline for the Toy to incorporate Betfair's streaming prices? As I understand it it would allow for refreshes down to 20ms (could be wrong) rather than the current 200ms

Thanks! :D


February 9, 2017
No there isn't.

Bookies with free bets

February 8, 2017
List of bookmakers who offer free bets can be found here:

Leave scratch on draw, profit on home or away win

February 7, 2017
That's brilliant, thanks very much!

Lay dutching

February 7, 2017
Hi everyone!
Is it possible to set my own prices for reverse dutching in multi bet tool? Because at the moment I can only lay at the current best price.

Alternative a ?

February 7, 2017
Ciao ragazzi,

Sarò breve. Non riesco a fare trading su perché praticamente non ci sono soldi nel mercato. Avete alternative per ? Avete un modo di creare un account sul .com e usare una VPN o qualcosa del genere ? Qualcuno riesce a fare del trading in un altro sito ?
Aiuto ?



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