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High CPU usage when switching markets quickly.

13. Listopad 2020 - 15:10
Does anyone else have issues with high CPU usage by the Geeks Toy when they switch from one market to another quickly and then that high CPU usage remain high even when you close the markets?

For example, when I first load up the software it uses low single digit percentage of the CPU but then when I move from one market to another to another to another etc with just a second or 2 between market switches, the CPU usage goes up to over 50% by the Geeks Toy. If I then close the market and so have no markets open, only the main Market Navigator window is open, the CPU usage remains very high at over 50% by the Geeks Toy.

The only solution seems to be to close the application and reload it which I have to do as my computer grinds to a halt almost as the Geeks Toy is using up so much of the CPU.

This problem only crops up when I have to switch rapidly between markets, if I am switching between markets slowly there isn't an issue and the CPU usage remains as you would expect and when you close the markets it goes back to low single digit % of CPU usage.

But as soon as you switch quickly the problem starts and remains. Eventually the computer uses up 100% of the CPU and you have to shut the Geeks Toy down to get it back down to normal usage and the cycle begins again.

This isn't a new issue, it is just I am getting fed up having to restart the software so often throughout the day and logging back in that I thought I would post about it to see if it was just me or anyone else and to see if there was any solution?


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