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Keep Button

16. Září 2020 - 12:21
Hi can anyone help
I used geeks toy grid
When I place a bet that is higher than the price showing
ie 1.8 and I want to set and keep a bet at 2.5 when I put it into the market and press the keep button it doesn't keep the bet
if it cant match which it cant as price diff it just cancels the bet
I used to be able to keep but something has happened probably on the settings
I do not want to have to set for each market I enter I want it to be active on all markets I do
Thanks in advance

toy performance issues?

14. Září 2020 - 19:26

Do anyone have performace issues when using the toy?

My case is with a good computer, when I open multiple market ladders, like 4 or more, the toy becomes slow and laggy, taking seconds to move a ladder when I want, doing it choppy instead of a fluid movement, sometimes takes 2 seconds before submitting a bet by clicking the ladder, etc

I doubt it's because the computer, as I have a 5820K hexacore, 16gb of ram, a decent GPU and the cpu is never at 100% nor the ram full.

any more?

Stream old model crashing too much

13. Září 2020 - 17:05
Hello! I'm having problems with the old model stream, it's crashing a lot. Could anyone help? Attached Thumbnails  

Live Video

6. Září 2020 - 12:36
Thanks for taking the time to reply, yeh that’s what I did previously but I just found it a bit faffy

I have my screen setup perfectly so the GT live video window pops up neatly in place and it was just so simple and quick

It’s frustrating it still doesn’t work after months 😕

Irish Greyhounds Missing

5. Září 2020 - 19:06
I emailed Support about it several hours ago but not had a reply. Hopefully they will be in touch before the card starts.

Horse Racing in OZ

3. Září 2020 - 23:29
COVID-19 Sad (but true) Story.
In the State of Victoria, which is a part of Australia, a young pregnant mother posted on Facebook that it would be good idea to have a peaceful protest about the draconian lockdown laws that exist in Victoria. Her idea was that people from Ballarat would meet in the township, whilst practicing social distancing and wearing masks so that the good folk of Ballarat, where there is just four active covid cases, could express their concerns about the lockdowns and the harsh conditions that accompany said lockdowns. In other words a low risk gathering adhering to the rules. I should point out here that it wasn't long ago, where we had 10,000 marching to protest BLM, and the local Ballarat police took a knee in support of the march.
So Zoe who posted her suggestion on Facebook had her home raided by several police who had a search warrant for her home and they seized items used to post her suggestion such as computers and mobile phones. Zoe is shown on footage, taken by her husband, being arrested and handcuffed, whilst in her pajamas and being charged with "incitement", which is a charge here that could result in 15 years jail. The footage has gone viral and you have probably even seen it by now in the UK.
By contrast a well known Victorian TV personality, by the name of Sam Newman, also suggested a protest somewhere in the middle of Melbourne, received a visit from the police where he was allegedly given a cease and desist warning , which he quickly agreed to do because the penalty not to do was so was a possible jail sentence. Sam, who is a self confessed golfing addict, simply couldn't bear the thought of not being able to stride down the fairway, and being denied the social aspect of the 19th, so he accepted the warning and that was that.
The question being asked here is the State of Victoria now a Police State? And of course there are comparisons being drawn here to actions that occurred with Nazi Germany.
All of this is rather sad and quite unnecessary, and I hope that the Victorian Police now realize that handcuffing a five foot nothing pregnant woman in her pajamas in her home, who was clearly scared shitless by the search warrant, and the charge given to her of "incitement", isn't going to win any popularity prizes.
FOOTNOTE: Victoria is the only State or Territory in Australia that has laws where the population is confined to their residences between 8pm and 5am. Residents can only leave their homes for shopping for food,exercise, to seek medical treatment or to attend permitted employment. These rules are referred to as Stage 4 restrictions. The concern among many is that the rate of suicides, domestic violence, mental heath cases have all increased as a result of what is seen by some as unneccessary draconian style laws. There will be an update this Sunday by the Victorian Premier, which is Father's Day here in Australia, and hopefully we may see some easing of Stage 4 restrictions. I for one certainly hope this happens.
And if you have seen the footage of Zoe's arrest I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Access Restricted to API data

3. Září 2020 - 12:25
Hi i've had my access restricted by betfair twice within the past week despite doing all that was requested by them. i have no streaming charts running and cannot understand why i'm having these issues as it does'nt seem to be affecting anyone else. Can you give my any advice on how to permanently resolve this issue as it makes the software pretty much useless. Thanks

Silks not loading...

24. Srpen 2020 - 16:02
Silks working now. Maybe it was from Betfair....

Colour price points/markers

23. Srpen 2020 - 5:39
Is there any way to colour certain prices on the ladder a different colour to make them stand out just like you can do with the crossovers?

Matchbook back

12. Srpen 2020 - 19:18
Had an email saying Matchbook is back !!!!


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