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Crash Bug System.NullReferenceException

15. Leden 2021 - 23:09
Good night,

Can someone help me with this bug? I cant actually join geeks because of that.

Thank you in advance.

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Crash Bug System.NullReferenceException

15. Leden 2021 - 23:07
Good night,

Can someone help me with this bug? Iam actually cant join geeks because of that.

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Graph size

15. Leden 2021 - 14:24
Quote: Originally Posted by RManPT The betfair chart has a fixed ratio so its size depends on the width of your column... try reduce ladder width or undock the graph and resize it anywhere you want. Hi There,

How do you undock the graphs?

Resize of Betfair Graphs

15. Leden 2021 - 14:20
Found the answer cheers

Live Video

7. Leden 2021 - 0:23
Hi Guys.

is there any news on this topic or will be using an external browser forever now?

Any info would be handy to know, as if there's no planned changed to the current "I gonna need a bigger boat" - well a bigger monitor but still love that jaws quote.



Two Step Authorisation

3. Leden 2021 - 19:46
Quote: Originally Posted by valve Just tried 2-step verification for the 1st time. I set this verification for new devices only and set my primary device as trusted. Now when I login from my primary trusted device via Toy, BF gives me their own log in website and I have to put my login information again. Why am I not login directly for the first time? Any suggestions? Hi Valve. You need to type the code at the end of your password if you want to login directly in GT. So after you type your pass, don't click enter, type your code and after that click enter. Should work, I'm using it all the time.

DVWooly Diary - trading horses pre race

30. Prosinec 2020 - 23:08
Anyone still lurking in the forum or are forums now overtaken by Twitter and Facebook?

Size of Betfair Graphs

17. Prosinec 2020 - 23:14
right click on the ladder -> ladder layout -> streaming chart height Attached Thumbnails  

Crazy moves in greyhound markets!

9. Prosinec 2020 - 18:04
Dogs markets gone crazy during lockdown.... @acg are you still trading it?

How keep tick offset/stop loss on in-play

23. Listopad 2020 - 20:26
Quote: Originally Posted by Greatowl Is there any way to back/lay bet on pre-race(horse racing) and automatically place tickoffset/stop loss bets to be kept in-play on geeks toy? For example I place a back bet at 4,0 just before the race starts and The Toy puts tick-offset and stop loss bets staying on the market as market goes in-play(not cancelling them). Tried to find this option on instructions but couldn't find. Thanks in advance. Open a market and open the ladder... With the ladder open, right click on the top bar above the horse name and stakes and hover the mouse over the list and go down to advanced betting A further drop down list will appear with one of the options being Default Bet Persistence Make sure you select Keep which is the middle option of the 3 available... It will place a tick against the option that you choose.. Once you have done that it should work... You can go back again and see if the Keep option is now ticked which it should be. Hope this helps

Magyar nyelvű trédelők

15. Listopad 2020 - 17:51
Valakinek van MACD beállításra jó ötlete lóversenyek előtti fogadás esetére? Szívesen meghallgatnám!

High CPU usage when switching markets quickly.

13. Listopad 2020 - 15:10
Does anyone else have issues with high CPU usage by the Geeks Toy when they switch from one market to another quickly and then that high CPU usage remain high even when you close the markets?

For example, when I first load up the software it uses low single digit percentage of the CPU but then when I move from one market to another to another to another etc with just a second or 2 between market switches, the CPU usage goes up to over 50% by the Geeks Toy. If I then close the market and so have no markets open, only the main Market Navigator window is open, the CPU usage remains very high at over 50% by the Geeks Toy.

The only solution seems to be to close the application and reload it which I have to do as my computer grinds to a halt almost as the Geeks Toy is using up so much of the CPU.

This problem only crops up when I have to switch rapidly between markets, if I am switching between markets slowly there isn't an issue and the CPU usage remains as you would expect and when you close the markets it goes back to low single digit % of CPU usage.

But as soon as you switch quickly the problem starts and remains. Eventually the computer uses up 100% of the CPU and you have to shut the Geeks Toy down to get it back down to normal usage and the cycle begins again.

This isn't a new issue, it is just I am getting fed up having to restart the software so often throughout the day and logging back in that I thought I would post about it to see if it was just me or anyone else and to see if there was any solution?

Инструкции по использованию Geeks Toy

24. Říjen 2020 - 18:20
Quote: Originally Posted by TenTre Уже далеко не первый день не в Гике вообще не подгружаются Betfair графики (стандартный и обратный)....
Это у всех так или только у меня?
Опять тот же сон.....

Поверял на разных рынках, везде не подгружаются.
Может хто подсказать, как у Вас сейчас с графиками? Все грузятся?


15. Říjen 2020 - 8:46
Have you tried the Contact Us below in the list?

Horse Racing in OZ

15. Říjen 2020 - 0:31
Saturday's racing in Oz this week includes one of our best time honoured races on the calendar in the running of the Caulfield Cup. This is a race with a long history as it was first run in 1879 over a mile and a half and tomorrow it be slightly shorter at 2400m in keeping with the modern day metric system which Australia adopted in 1979. Favourite is the well performed local horse Verry Elleegant which has edged out the English invader Anthony Van Dyck as the latter drew the visitors barrier in 21. The race will be the highlight of the days program.
There are two subjects that have been well aired on here apart from Horse Racing and they are matters to do with Covid-19 and Betfairs so called "delay".
Here are updates on both subjects:
COVID-19. The Sorry saga of Hotel Quarantine Security in Victoria.
Australia's death rate from Covid is just 904 of which 816 are from the State of Victoria. Of these 816 deaths in Victoria the average age of those that died was 85. So it doesn't take Einstein to work out here that there are many cases where it was simply assumed that Covid was the cause when the reality was that it was a multitude of other factors at play here which are common when you are dealing with folk in aged care environments.
There has been a Judicial Enquiry in Victoria into why the bulk of the deaths in Victoria appear to have been caused by the virus that escaped from those who were in Quarantined in two Victorian Hotels in the heart of Melbourne. The Enquiry to date has cost $6m and has failed to answer the simple question of who approved the issuance of a Security Contract to a firm called Unified Security for three months at a cost of $30m. The firm incidentally was not on Victoria's list of approved clients. Now think about this. Here we have a decision made on the run to give a mammoth contract to an unknown firm. The firm on hearing of their windfall immediately emailed all of their employees and prospective employees that they must undertake a 10 minute induction program (tick and flick) exercise and once they had done that they could then turn up for work.
We now know through contact tracing that the resultant debacle in terms of security was the major reason for Victoria's covid failure and why Victoria's death figures are sky high in comparision to other States.
Of course the sad story here is that Victoria is still in serious lockdown and the economy has been devastated...all apparently because of a dodgy security contract.

BETFAIR DELAY: This subject has been well covered by recent contributions by PDC and Temujin so if you want the history here just scroll back to pages 39 and 40 and read their thoughts and contributions to this "story".
I note that the so called Betfair delay has been raised once more by the Twitter twitterers with suggestions that here in Australia the delay in certain areas is as much as 7 to 8 seconds. The concern of course is that this opens a window of opportunity for unscrupulous folk to place a bet. Think what tennis attendees were doing during critical match points until the authorities woke up to what was happening and banned them. Also we know that scouts/observers/opportunists were posted at race meetings here with laptops or mobile devices that could post a bet just as the race began or in running. If a horse missed the start, or a leader dropped off the pace up the home straight then one could take advantage of such if you were quick. Betfair have once again confirmed that all races are closed off within one second of the jump and the issue is not at their end. Jump on Twitter if you want to know more.

betting strategy's ?

13. Říjen 2020 - 11:01
When it comes to casino gambling, here are my tips:

1. You should always limit your budget. Keep the limit in such a way that if you lose all of it, it won't be a big problem to you.

2.I am not sure why one would be afraid and why authorities would arrest you for gambling. If its not legal, then don't gamble at all. You can gamble at 우리카지노 from your home without feeling uncomfortable.

3. All gambling games does not depend only on skills. It also depends on your luck!

Last Traded Bar History Colour

8. Říjen 2020 - 15:24
Does anyone know if it is possible to change the colour of the Last Traded Bar History on the ladder? The default is dark green on light green and I wouldn't min changing the LTBH colour to something that sticks out more?

Last Traded Bar History Colour

8. Říjen 2020 - 15:24
Does anyone know if it is possible to change the colour of the Last Traded Bar History on the ladder? The default is dark green on light green and I wouldn't min changing the LTBH colour to something that sticks out more?

Betfair - New version 1.5b released

4. Říjen 2020 - 8:45

Im having problems with the navigator on greyhound and horse racings if I load the next race sometimes it shows as it was closed when its not on betfair. After refreshing from betfair sometimes it doesnt even show races available, sometimes it shows some races, but not all of them. Like from 5 races it shows 1. It is so for 2 weeks now. Can you please help me?

Bets keep STUCK and money has been LOST

30. Září 2020 - 12:30
Just keep an eye on Twitter using the search function for "Betfair".

Tweetdeck was recommended to me for this as you can have a column permanently for this purpose allowing you to quickly check when you think you might have an issue.


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