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Betfair Graph doesn't work on GT

24. Červen 2017 - 14:47
Quote: Originally Posted by helplessone as above already mentioned, I cant load p&l page and other pages in the section of personal data.
is this only me, is this related to agt, or is this a general thing of betfair? Seems to be Betfair.

Betfair - New version 1.4j released

24. Červen 2017 - 13:08
We have released a new version for Betfair.

fixed in this version
Betfair graph url update
countdown clock issue.
Closed market crash bug
Set TOP_3 to FULL for virtual prices and streaming

You can download from here.

If you find any issues with the software, please report them in this forum.


1k Challenge

18. Červen 2017 - 11:27
Hi! I open this thread to find some motivation and discipline for the challenge. My bank now is 40 euro. The goal is 1k bank and I will also make some withdraws during this challenge.

I will trade greyhound markets and if I find good opportunities, maybe I will bet on other sports like football, basketball etc

Motto - Patience has its own rewards.

Good luck to everyone!

Day 1 - 18 June 2017

Challenge Starting Bank - 40,49 euro

Current Bank - 40,49 euro

Goal - 1000 euro bank

Withdraws – 0

Fastest Refresh Rate

18. Červen 2017 - 10:40
Trading in play require fastest refresh rate.What API settings wil provide fastest refresh rate from GeeksToy?
I trade using grid tab

Help With Populating "My Markets"

16. Červen 2017 - 14:16
Is there an easier way of populating "My Markets" rather than opening each market individually and selecting the green cross. Are there any right click shortcuts to hasten the selection process.

Uninstall process not working

12. Červen 2017 - 20:30
Hi , the message is - THERE IS AN ERROR IN XML DOCUMENT (1,1 ).

Help with Stop loss

11. Červen 2017 - 14:07
Quote: Originally Posted by RManPT yes you can! ;)

right click the top bar of the Toy and click "Open settings folder"

There you will find the main .xml files and one folder for each Profile you have (if any)

The file you want is BetToolsDropListOptions.xml. Edit it with a text editor (ie notepad)

Where you find <int>number here</int> you change it for the number you want, you can change all

Restart the Toy and you're done ;)

Hope this helps.

PS:Try other things like adding options or reducing them ;) Hi i've been trying to do this but doesnt change the drop down box.any help

Working at Exchange/Bookmaker

10. Červen 2017 - 22:01
Has anybody worked as a sports trader with an exchange or bookmaker ?asking the question just curious to know how different it is on the other side to us retail traders ?

how to change stop loss

7. Červen 2017 - 22:40
Dear sirs

I need help on changing tick valuehow to edit these values but s for stop loss

I want up to 40 ticks and all i get is 20. Ive seen how to edit them but cant figure out how to keep these values and run geek and have them saved

StreamManager Exception even when clearing app data

7. Červen 2017 - 20:19
Recently I've started getting the StreamManager exception error when logging in. The exception call stack is the one I've seen elsewhere on this site, in the FloatingForm constructor. However, the solution I've seen to this is to delete the app user data. I tried that but it didn't work. I then tried uninstalling the app entirely and greping for any reference of GeeksToy on my system and removing them and then reinstalling but that didn't fix it either.

Any ideas?

viedo resize

2. Červen 2017 - 20:28
The window of the video and very small it will be possible to increase in some way ??

Chasing ze dream. My road to making money or dying out.

1. Červen 2017 - 14:27
Oks, I've calmed down a little bit since yesterday.

Here is a visual representation of what has happened since I've returned.

At two points I've consistently made profits and then gone on to blow it in play. What is worse, is before yesterday, even with the build up to a £150 bank, I was actually making roughly £1-3 a race, well on the way to making I believed enough that I could live on for the summer. In one race I managed to get several scalps through and make £7. I felt I had made significant progress. Then in the space of roughly 20 minutes blew it. It maybe does not help. that in the past I have been prone to a few flutters, my mum and dad were massive gamblers. Whilst I am not, it seems to catch me out once in a while and put me back weeks of profit. This is pretty much why I was so angry yesterday.

The way I've been scalping, has been highly effective, I've had hardly any red trades. When one eventually did go wrong, I let it run, and when I didn't go my way, I just gambled. I spent the evening doing a bit of soul searching. I went through a few blogs. I went through a post by Caan Berry, and it pretty much summed up how I felt, although I haven't actually lost a huge amount, it was more the emotional trauma being stupid caused. In that moment in time I had a choice, lose around £7, or risk entire bank. I choose to risk entire bank. Twice.

I'm gonna have to take steps to make sure this never happens again. If it does, in the words of Caan Berry, I'm "gonna have to knock it on the head" If I can deal with a red of -£7 with a small bank, what will I be like with a bank of say 2k and a loss of -£30? I can see why so many challenge threads start, blow up, and never get updated. Half the battle is with yourself. I guess some people can quite adapt. I want to be someone who can.

I'm going on holiday for a week. I'm gonna sun myself and dust myself off. When I return I will make a specific protocol to deal with the moment when a red goes over a specific amount and I'm potentially in a situation where I could do something stupid. I'm going to cut gambling out of my life completely and focus entirely on pre race horses. I'm going to work on discipline, spent a lot of time on technique and not my own mind when it comes to trading. Gonna be printing out todays graph and putting it next to where I trade so I can see it every time I start. I'm sure ill think of a few other tricks to help. I think this is genuinely the last straw, I can take blowing a bank learning trading, just not blowing it like I have.

See you soon.

Ladders not Opening

1. Červen 2017 - 14:25
Yes it is happening on all markets. I have ladder set to show first four. I have just opened a ladder for motorsport canadian gp. It only shows first selection (Lewis hamilton) the rest is greyed out. Same for golf. I can only open them if I select both ladder and grid. If I select ladder only, the ladder does not open, but GT is showing it has from market navigator and graphs.

Tempo de Entrada no Mercado

31. Květen 2017 - 18:26
Boa tarde,

Teria alguma forma de verificar o tempo de entrada no mercado sem ter que expor dinheiro?

Fica uma sugestão para os desenvolvedores:
Colocar um campo aonde indica-se o tem de entrada no mercado seria de muita ajuda.



Multi bet post off clock

29. Květen 2017 - 7:18
Hello all. I am trying to place a lay bet at, say 20 seconds after the start of a race but when I click on "Post Off" in the Multi Bet Tool, the clock beside it is a AM/PM clock. I assume that clock is for today and tomorrow bets but shouldn't it change to a "seconds" clock when I click pre off or post off? Could someone please help. Thank you very much.

Are there any trading Techniques that can get you banned fro Bet Fair?

26. Květen 2017 - 21:59
Are there any kind of practices that will get you banned on Bet Fair. For example something like this, where you lay, lay, lay, lay lay, then back>hedge up?

Login error

25. Květen 2017 - 10:45
Unable to login to the Toy, Betfair site login OK, as error message says :

Header Error Code OK
Login Error Code API ERROR
etc etc and finally The remote name could not be resolved:''

Obviously I have taken great care in ensuring that the Login Username and Password are correct and have not been changed. Is this purely an API issue? Help!

EDIT; Panic over someone had turned my router off !! Idiot boy I should have checked that first....apologies


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